Time Signature In Music

time signature in music

What Is Time Signature?

Time Signature Definition – according to Merriam-Webster, the meaning of time signature in music is as follows:  a sign used in music to indicate meter and usually written as a fraction with the bottom number indicating the kind of note used as a unit of time and the top number indicating the number of units in each measure.

Time Signature In Music

Tool, the Grammy Award winning progressive/industrial/heavy/alternative metal band, is widely known for their unusual and creative use of time signatures.  Many of the bands hard core fans routinely applaud the band for various tracks that use different time signatures and change back and forth within the same track.  TBH, it’s become a borderline obsession to make one SMH and there are no shortage of GIF and MEME on Tiktok and Twitter

“Schism”, which won a Grammy for the band, is said to have a 6 6.5 time signature by some to include Tool’s drummer.  Chancellor also stated that “Schism” goes off into all sorts of different time signatures.   Many other Tool tracks garner similar attention and analysis to include “Lateralus”, “Right In Two”, “Forty Six & Two”, “Vicarious”, “Fear Inoculum”, “Descending”, among others.  You could check for yourself on Spotify and Youtube to compare to music from Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Lizzo, Pink, Lady Gaga, Tyler The Creator and musicals such as Hadestown and Dear Evan Hansen.

Symphony and Symphony Orchestra are other forms of music that receive acclaim and analysis related to their use of time signatures.  Boston Symphony Hall and Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco are of course wonderful places to enjoy fabulous music and analyze the time signatures.


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