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With tons of web hosting services around, looking for reliable, lightning-fast speed and performance, affordability, active technical support team, and security may seem like hard work. You may think of it that way until you’ll stumble with MDDHosting. Upscaling your website means you need to invest with a high-quality and robust performance hosting solution.  When you do, things like 4K HDR and Youtube and Twitter and TikTok embeds will load and display lightning fast on your website.

They offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 1000 percent uptime powered by the StorPool storage platform. With a 24/7 expert and active support team, you’ll feel that reaching out is effortless and solutions faster. MDDHosting offers a free SiteLock and free SSL combination. It provides daily back-ups that secure your files or data and prevent loss or corrupt content which is impressive.  The web hosting business in the U.S. is estimated at $32B/year through 2019 using IBIS market data and research.

Offered Features And Summary Guide

MDDHosting is one of the best hosting services that go beyond the traditional features you get. With a diversity of services and products namely;

  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • SiteLock Malware Security
  • SpamExperts Filtration
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS – Virtual Private Servers
  • Managed Shared Web/Cloud Hosting ( 9 Different Types)

In a glance, MDDHosting is an impressive hosting service that you must consider when you are looking for speed, outstanding performance, and security. They offer a robust combination of securing your data while upscaling your website, MDD Hosting is pretty good when it comes to customer support and in terms of services at an affordable price suitable for your preference. 


Aside from lightning-fast speed and performance, MDDHosting redefines the web hosting solutions with the following benefits. 

  • Site Builder + Softaculous

Softaculous enables you to install several applications easily. Besides, you can create stunning websites from its site builder with no coding requirements and experience. It comes with a drag & drop interface of 50+ themes and 40+ widgets.  You’ll have a site that can pop on Yahoo or Google in no time TBH.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth 

There is no need to worry about paying extra when your site gains more traffic during peak seasons or an unusual number of site visitors. MDDHosting offers unlimited bandwidth. 

  • Unlimited Domains

Whether you subscribe to their cheapest plan, you’ll still get the benefit of having an unlimited domain for every web hosting account. This enables you to host unlimited websites which is a great deal.  choosing a domain name is crucial when you want to be competitive in searches at places like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and Yandex.

  • Email Accounts (Unlimited)

An unlimited number of email accounts available on the CloudStarter plan means you can provide an individual mailbox for every website admin or users that access your site. You’ll save money purchasing a separate email account hosting package. The MySpace and Linux early days are gone, so you need professional email that shines.

  • Optimized Multiple Speed Features

MDDHosting provides a lightning-fast 1000% guaranteed uptime. with the use of solid-state drives that are faster compared to traditional drives. With support for Cloudflare and LiteSpeed, that enhances the performance of your websites. 


0.5GB RAM & CPU Core

With unlimited bandwidth and domain for every hosting plan, that won’t match the entice CPU core which results in slowing down to keep everything in limit by the system. To properly handle the number of unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth, you will need to upgrade your plan to a higher one. 


MDDHosting offers a wide array of subscription plans (9 types of plans) suitable for your budget and website demands. You can start with the cheapest plan which costs you $5.99 per month or $4 per month if you’ll avail their 3-years contract. 

Nonetheless, these pricing options vary for every website hosting needs. You can check for the starter plan and see how it goes. The CloudStarter package provides unlimited bandwidth, 10GB disk space, 0.5 RAM storage, and 0.5 Core CPU. 


At the end of the day, looking for a web hosting service that provides ease of use, convenience, and fast uptime with unlimited bandwidth to your website at zero cost is already a good deal. MDDHosting provides a plethora of features tagged along with pretty decent speed and performance for site optimization. 

Affordability and an active support team is also a must. The pricing plan is worth their services and a must-check.  If you get lost look for a MEME or GIF on Twitter to get you pointed in the right direction, IKR.

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