The Most Confusing Traffic Signs To Know

The Most Confusing Traffic Signs To Know

When we went for our driver’s license test, we learned the rules of the road. It covered the basics, such as identifying different road signs and learning what they mean. However, we all know situations arise where we may forget some of the information covered on our driving test. Sign management is essential, so the driver knows what to expect on the road. This guide on the most confusing traffic signs to know will help you foresee unique circumstances that you may have forgotten or never learned about.

  1. T-junction with priority to the left. This red bordered triangle sign has a strangely drawn T in the middle. The left “bar” is fatter, signifying two lanes, while the road on the right is one lane. This sign is telling you that the driver on the left has the right of way. This intersection would be considered unusual.
  2. No vehicles carrying explosives. This road sign only applies to those that are carrying explosives. It is a circle sign with a red border that has a picture of a vehicle exploding. If you see this sign, know that it is illegal to be carrying explosives in your vehicle on this road.
  3. Loose road surface. This sign indicates that a road’s surface is loose. The surface may be gravel, recently resurfaced, or dirt. It is a triangle sign with a red border showing a vehicle that appears to be driving on loose material.
  4. Low emissions only. This street sign will have in all black letters “Inherently Low Emission Vehicles Allowed.” This sign might seem confusing, but you are likely to see it on interstates surrounding high population areas. In particular, the express lanes have vehicle and passenger requirements. It means that low emission vehicles are allowed to use the express lanes regardless of their passenger load.
  5. No hitchhiking. Here is an old sign, but a goody. In fact, if you see one of these, you might want to take a picture of it. This sign has the universal red circle with a bar across it covering a hand with a thumb sticking out. For those not in the know, this is the signal a pedestrian gives to signal he/she is looking for a ride somewhere.

Usually, our sign management system keeps us safe and rolling on the roads. However, you will encounter some signs that are for unique situations that you probably haven’t experienced. We hope that this lesson on the most confusing traffic signs to know informs you of some signs you have not seen before.

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