7 Facts About Magnets That’ll Surprise You

Facts About Magnets

Who doesn’t love magnets? You played with them as a kid, and chances are you have a few on your refrigerator.

But you may be surprised to learn that there are a few facts about magnets that you don’t know. They are very interesting objects, and we’re sure this article will fascinate you. To learn a few fun magnet facts, just keep reading.

1. Magnets Are Ancient

You might believe that magnets are modern objects, but that’s not true. In fact, they’ve been around for a very long time.

In ancient Chinese culture, they used what’s known as lodestones. They are natural magnets that have been around for centuries. Even ancient mariners used lodestones to help them navigate the sea.

2. Magnets Affect Some Animals

Did you know that magnets are used to study certain migratory cycles in animal behaviors? The reason being is because lots of animals can sense magnetic fields. For example, sharks are repelled by magnets, while turtles and birds actually move towards magnets.

3. The Magnetar Is the Most Powerful Magnet Ever

Magnetars are the leftover result of stars that died and created a supernova explosion. They are powerful enough to destroy small planets if they get close enough to them. Thankfully, there are only about 12 magnetars in existence, and they’re very far away from Earth.

4. The Earth Is a Big Magnet Bar

The Earth has a magnetic north and south, which is why the needles on compasses point to them. However, the north and south magnets aren’t the same as the north and south poles. Instead, they are the invisible magnetic fields that run from the north to the south pole.

5. Some Magnets Can Change Metals

Ferromagnetic materials such as iron can be magnetized by a powerful permanent magnet. You can even test this theory out at home. 

Rub a magnet over a screwdriver. After some time, the screwdriver will be able to attract magnetic objects. It’s super cool!

6. There Are Magnetic Hills

There are magnetic hills that can actually pull cars and other big magnetic objects toward them. But while these huge hunks of magnets are referred to as hills, they’re actually just a magnetic anomaly. Essentially, they’re t a topographical illusion.

7. Magnets Contain Two Poles

There’s no such thing as a magnetic monopole. Even if you cut a magnet in half, it’ll always have two poles, which are the north and the south.  Actually, you can cut a magnet into several different pieces and it’ll be the same thing. Each piece will either pull together or push apart.

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Interesting Facts About Magnets

Did you know any of these facts about magnets? Maybe you did or maybe you didn’t, either way, it’s safe to say that magnets are pretty cool.

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