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We all know very familiar face on 100 dollar bill. Benjamin Franklin was the ninth child out of eleven children. Ben Franklin was born in Boston on 1-17-1706.  He was born on Milk Street in Boston.  Benjamin’s father was Josiah a candle/soap maker and his mother was Abiah.  Ben Franklin ran away when his father couldn’t give him any money.  Ben Franklin was the tenth son of his father.

Benjamin Franklin was all of these things plus more:


Political theorist







Civic Activist


He traveled 50 miles to find a work. He was a civil worker, inventor, a founding father, scientist, publisher & author, and held many political positions such as Minister to France which caused frequent travel to other countries. He was the only person to sign the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Treaty of Paris of 1776. Benjamin Franklin died an abolitionist at April 17 of 1790. Franklin died in Philadelphia.

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He was 84 when he died. He was fireman in his mid twenties. He also created the first insurance company and invented the first American penny.  Interesting fact about Benjamin Franklin is that he invented urinary catheter.




TIL that when Benjamin Franklin died in 1790, he willed the cities of Boston and Philadelphia $4,400 each, but with the stipulation that the money could not be spent for 200 years. By 1990 Boston’s trust was worth over $5 million. from todayilearned

Did Benjamin Franklin really say "We need a revolution every 200 years, because all governments become stale and corrupt after 200 years.”? from AskHistorians

TIL Benjamin Franklin designed the first American penny called the Fugio Cent. The coin was engraved with a sundial and the words "Mind Your Business". from todayilearned


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