Nikola Tesla Facts

nikola tesla facts

Who Is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian scientist (born in Smiljan, Croatia) maybe the greatest genius since Leonardo da Vinci. Few people even know that the man who invented the 20th century even existed (at the time of writing this article). Many of his ideas and inventions were credited by others. Nikola invented X-rays (credited to Roentgen), radio (credited to Marconi), the microwave oven, speedometer, automobile ignition system, basics behind radar, fluorescent bulb, electron microscope, neon lights and on top of all Tesla designed the first hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls (invented alternating currents).

The Tesla Coil is a commonly known term for one of Nikola’s biggest contributions.  Tesla also served as the inspiration for Elon Musk founding Tesla Motors – a tribute of sorts.  History views Nikola Tesla as a brilliant mind and contributor to humanity much like it does with Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso.  

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Nikola Tesla Facts

Tesla’s biggest competitor Thomas Edison, did everything to erase Nikola Tesla from the history books and to reject his alternating currents idea. Tesla’s ideas were so extreme that scientist community thought he was lunatic and on many occasions laughed at his theories. He believed that both voice and image can be transmitted through the air (in the late 1800’s), which was of course true since we have wireless Internet today.  There would be no Google or Twitter or even Bitcoin today if Tesla’s contributions did not ultimately see the light of day (no pun intended).  

nikola tesla

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TIL when George Westinghouse fell into financial problems and asked Nikola Tesla for relief from the royalties Westinghouse agreed to, Tesla tore up the contract that would bring him millions. "I’m not interested in money, I’m interested in leaving something behind for the humankind". from todayilearned

TIL that Nikola Tesla used to feed pigeons, bringing injured ones into his hotel room to nurse back to health and one time spending over $2,000 to fix a pigeon’s broken wing and leg, including building a device that comfortably supported her, so her bones could heal. from todayilearned



Nikola Tesla Free Energy

Today, people around the world are turning to renewable energy sources needs due to energy sources depletion petroleum, gas. A lot of people have suggested lots of tips on how we might cut down to the dependence on energy that has put our future in danger that was great. And there’s been some controversy involving a few of the thoughts proposed to suppress the reliance. Note there are a number of beneficiaries from the energy cycle petroleum companies, greedy politicians. Nikola Tesla is among the engineers who’re noted for having suggested probably the most innovative renewable energy alternatives. Nikola Tesla envisioned a world where individuals will be capable to access energy freely, whether it is for powering homes, vehicles or for machinery

Determine the facts by studying our review of Nikola Tesla Secret relating to this course. What is within the Nikoa Tesla class? The Nikola Tesla guide introduces and how it could be put into place and energy customers. The instructions in all the Nikola Tesla Secret happen to be tailored to be compatible with the day household. Its important to point out that many of unscrupulous people have assembled Their own variations of the Nikola Tesla Secret documents that are not comprehensive enough to assist you install your own power generation strategy, so you need to be cautious when obtaining the Nikola Tesla Secret guide. 

The good thing with all the Nikola Tesla secret device is which it’s very safe. The prospect of free energy unquestionably can never be accepted by the traditional energy suppliers, thus they’ve stifled the progress of research in this field. Nonetheless, private initiatives private allowed all the advancement of this technology despite all the restricted resources for research. There have been real concerns on the feasibility of the Tesla device, especially concerning the conducting materials utilized in the device, which, as it’s argued, can’t transport the current without massive losses. 

Conclusion of our review of Nikola Tesla Secret – Basically, the concern is which while generating the electricity is possible, transporting it without a lot of it being lost on the way is practically impossible at that moment, something which has yet to be solved. Reviews about the Tesla device are usually mixed, with a few individuals in strong support of it. On all the whole, all the Nikola Tesla Secret device is here to revolutionize the field of physics with a valid alternative to green energy.

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