Constellation Leo Facts

constellation leo facts

How To Find Constellation Leo

Leo is the fifth of the twelve Zodiac constellations. Depicted as a crouching lion facing the west, with a sickle of stars marking the head and mane of the animal, this constellation is seen mostly in the evening.  TBH, it is very convincing.  Many folks get FOMO since YOLO and they hate missing a chance to see it and try and figure it out.

It is easily noticeable during the spring season in the northern hemisphere and during autumn in the southern hemisphere.  The Lunar and Planetary Institute published research on constellations and stars with focus on Leo.

The brightest star of this constellation is ‘Regulus’. Various traits are associated with the Leo constellation. It is said that people with this sign are creative, warm hearted, enthusiastic, faithful, pompous, bossy, and intolerant.  The other constellations namely Aries and Sagittarius, along with Leo are all fire elements. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces bear water element. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all air elements.  According to the Greek mythology, Leo has been recognized as the Nemean lion. It was said to be placed in the sky after being killed by the Heracles or Hercules.
interesting facts about constellation leo

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constellation leo facts

Interesting Facts About Constellation Leo

Leo is an extremely recognizable constellation, as it is among the few constellations that resemble its namesake. As soon as you have found Leo, you are going to be able to observe why the ancients visualized this asterism for a lion and you’ll discover that it’s quite easy to spot in the night sky. In the current day constellation, Leo is thought of among the 88 known constellations. Found in the northern sky, Leo is among the most obvious constellations in the celestial sphere. Leo is often represented as in case the sickle-shaped asterism of stars is the rear of the Lion’s head. Leo is among the zodiac constellations. The typical Leo makes for a superior spouse however won’t tolerate disrespect or indiscretion.

Auriga constellation is in the northern hemisphere. The constellation resembles a bear, perhaps a Moon Bear.  It isn’t difficult to recognize Leo constellation on the sky as it has unique form and lots of bright stars. There are 13 galaxies in the Messier catalogue within this region, all which can be observed with a little telescope. If you would like to head out and see some meteors this weekend, try everything you can to get to a dark region and let your eyes adjust for approximately thirty minutes at least. Moreover, the March full moon is called the worm moon in the Northern Hemisphere, reportedly because this is as soon as the ground starts to thaw and earthworms start to appear.

Constellation Leo

Leo is the 5th sign of zodiac. The name comes. The constellation’s astrological sign are Cancer and Virgo. The dim Cancer occupies the west of the zodiac sign while Virgo is located to the east of Leo. According to mythology, the lion lived in a cave located in a spot. Where it seems cute and playful, similar to a cat, leo was frightening unlike the cartoon representation of the constellation. History states that Leo was believed by the people of Nemea as a fierce and ugly beast. Another interpretation is that Mother Earth brought lion during a ten year conflict between Olympians and the Titans. 

Leo had and was huge. Swords and spears couldn’t pierce through his skin. Warriors had a difficult time fighting this lion that is terrifying and robust. Nemea’s people were frightened since they believed while they were resting in the night they may be assaulted by him anytime. Zeus ordered the Hercules to go and kill the monster. The job was challenging and laborious. The warrior and leo fought for. During one of the moments once the lion was resting, Hercules strangled the animal. He used those beast’s own claws to cut off its tongue. Then he removed the skin and lastly chopped the head of the lion. 

More Articles : Leo, that occupies the 5th place among the astrological sign, signifies a ferocious and enormous lion the fact that terrorized the land of Nemea. The constellation gets its title from the Latin word meaning lion. Virgo and Cancer are both its neighboring constellations. Virgo occupies those eastern position, while Cancer occupies those western.

The Sky and Galaxies

In addition to Constellation Leo, there are incredible facts and information about our planets, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, dark matter, and things like getting stuff from asteroids.  


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leo constellation

Elliptical Galaxy Messier 105 in the Constellation Leo from Astronomy

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