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Leo is the fifth of the twelve Zodiac constellations. Depicted as a crouching lion facing the west, with a sickle of stars marking the head and mane of the animal, this constellation is seen mostly in the evening. It is easily noticeable during the spring season in the northern hemisphere and during autumn in the southern hemisphere. The brightest star of this constellation is ‘Regulus’. Various traits are associated with the Leo constellation. It is said that people with this sign are creative, warm hearted, enthusiastic, faithful, pompous, bossy, and intolerant.  The other constellations namely Aries and Sagittarius, along with Leo are all fire elements. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces bear water element. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all air elements.  According to the Greek mythology, Leo has been recognized as the Nemean lion. It was said to be placed in the sky after being killed by the Heracles or Hercules.
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constellation leo facts

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Elliptical Galaxy Messier 105 in the Constellation Leo from Astronomy

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  1. i am very religious and i don’t see these signs but i read in a book that those who are born in august from a certain date will have this and i guess i am Leo…cool fact i have also read about hercules-this part what the poster said that the belief was that the lion or leo was placed in the sky after hercules had killed it, is funny for me but i did also read that hercules had to do ten commands from a roman king to be forgiven for killing his wife and children and one of them was to kill The Lion or Leo or Nemean-the giant lion!

    heres a pic of hercules wearing Nemean’s skin

  2. Actually Quaztinalina (The religious one) if you are born in august YOU ARE A VIRGO! So whatever you read or thought of in your little religious mind is totally wrong! No offense!

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