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who is albert einstein

Who Is Albert Einstein?

There’s absolutely no one in the world today that hasn’t heard of the name Einstein. Albert Einstein, being the sole proprietor of some of the most diverse topics in physics, theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, is the most celebrated scientist in the history of the world. This post is about the most intelligent researcher to ever live.  

Einstein was born in Germany on 14 March 1879. He was born into a world of technology as his father was an engineer. His uncle also founded a company that manufactured electrical equipment, so it’s not wrong to say it was Einstein’s fate to become, well, Einstein.

From an early age, Albert was really intrigued by math and physics, and he excelled at them. He was at a level much higher than most of the other kids of his age. You’re solving the Pythagoras Theorem at the age of 16?  Einstein discovered his own proof of the theorem at just the age of 12. Einstein’s own tutor, Max Talmud said that he introduced Einstein to geometry, and just a few weeks later, he was doing stuff that even Talmud couldn’t understand, such as working with parabola. This interest in math and physics would carry on for the rest of his life and become a obsessions – An obsessions that made him famous.


In the early years of his career, Einstein started working on the Newtonian mechanics and thought that they weren’t enough to deal with all the laws of classic mechanics. This ended up with him creating his own special theory of relativity. A short time later, he realized that the theory of relativity could be implemented in gravitation as well. Hence came the theory of gravitation. His work on gravitation would continue and before he knew it, he made groundbreaking progress in quantum mechanics which would be the biggest discovery of his career. He explained particle theory and working with atoms.  Einstein also pioneered the motion of molecules which would be the starting point for future scientists for the photon theory of light.

His contributions are truly extraordinary, much like the Tesla Coil or work done by Elon Musk and Pablo Picasso and other amazing artists and creators like Edgar Allan Poe.  

who is albert einstein

albert einstein facts

Einstein declined the presidency of the state of Israel when it was offered to him in 1952 by state leaders. The element einsteinium, discovered in 1952, was named in honor of Albert Einstein. Picture of Einstein sticking his tongue was taken on his 72nd birthday by annoying press photographer Arthur Sasse. Albert loved the photo so much that he cut his image out and send it to all his friends.

How Did Albert Einstein Die?

It was on April 17th, 1955 when the world would take away the legend known as Einstein. The scientist suffered internal bleeding which was caused by a rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm which was already repaired surgically a while back. When his health started to decline, he was once again offered a surgery, but he declined saying that it was useless to prolong his life through medicine. He specifically said that he’d done his part and now it was time for him to go. He died in Princeton Hospital the very next day at the age of 76.

Over the course of time, many scientists will come and go. But, one name that absolutely no one will forget, will be Einstein.

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TIL Robert Millikan disliked Einstein’s results about light consisting of particles (photons) and carefully designed experiments to disprove them, but ended up confirming the particle nature of light, and earned a Nobel Prize for that. from todayilearned

In the 20 years before Einstein died, he almost never accepted invitations to speak at universities. In 1946 he broke his self-imposed rule to give an address in Philadelphia from pics

Albert Einstein was one of the most revered physicists and among the greats of all time. However, he did not reach his full potential until he began studying relativity theory. He believed that he could help humankind. It was only in the mid-twentieth century, when Einstein died that he was recognized as one of the greatest mathematicians ever.

Einstein’s main interest was in relativity theory. He was a champion of the theory and wanted to make it known to the general public. To this end, he helped to set up the foundation for what is now called the Lorentz Theory.

In 1917, Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the Lorentz transformation, which proved that matter and energy are different. He also worked on the theory of relativity and studied the motion of atoms and charged particles. He was a major force in breaking down the walls between the realms of physics and chemistry and eventually invented the atom bomb, thus paving the way for the atomic age.

What Einstein believed in were facts. While other physicists, such as those from Italy and Britain, focused their attention on theories, Einstein focused on facts. The Lorentz theory is a fact; the validity of the special theory of relativity is a fact; and the motion of atoms is a fact. As Einstein said, “The main thing is to make knowledge public so that people will not be afraid to look for truth.”

Einstein believed that matter and elementary particles existed at the same speed. If you measure the speed of the electron, then you should be able to calculate the speed of the proton. These two speeds actually have different units of measurement, but that is all that is necessary. If you know the speed of the electron, then you know the speed of the proton.

During his life, Einstein was forced to defend his work in Germany against those who did not believe him. He traveled all over Europe to prove that everything he did was true.

After the war, Germany was invaded by the US, forcing Einstein to stop his research in favor of his work on the atomic bomb. Even so, he became an important figure in the field of physics. He even invented a new branch of physics, Quantum Mechanics, which is essential to our understanding of the universe today. It would be very interesting to see and hear what Einstein thinks of things we have today such as Bitcoin or TikTok or Twitter as well as delivery robots and self driving electric trucks. SMH. We wonder how many people today would try and live vicariously through the brain of Einstein and just see what they could inhale from the atmosphere to have his intellect.

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