Tesla Coil Facts

Tesla coil is an invention of Nikola Tesla; this instrument is actually a transformer. Transformers are usually step-up or step-down types which increase or decrease the input current respectively. The Tesla Coil is an air-core transformer with a high frequency. It is a step up transformer which increases the input of 120 volts AC to around 100,000 volts. The discharge is usually in the form of electrical arc. These incredible coils have in the past were known to light up florescent lights which were almost 50 feet away, wirelessly. The other fact is that there is a direct conversion of electricity to light which does not need the electrodes, unlike the normal bulbs. What it means is that, the florescent lights which have already burnt out can also produce light. Learn more about Nikola Tesla.

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  1. “Transformers are usually step-up or step-down types which increase or decrease the input current respectively”

    This is wrong. A step-up transformer will have an output current that is smaller than the input current, while a step-down transformer will have an output current that is larger than the input current.

    A transformer is made to transform the voltage, so a step-up transformer will have a higher output voltage than input voltage. If the voltage increases while the impedance stays the same, then the current must decrease as shown by Ohm’s law.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    Ding, you hit it. Also the jump from 120 to 100,000 volts is misleading as well. Like any solid or valve state electrical component, transformers are engineered to almost any function you wish. In Fact, transformers are available in greater variety than Legos.

  3. Transformers from a set up is based on currents (or amps) going from lower to higher. so 120Vac to 440Vac. Voltage says the same at all points. <—– this is a commen use for the electrical system on a ship. As an electrician, i can tell you this is how it works.

  4. Im doing this for a science project, and I still dont understand what a Tesla Coil does. Can someone please explain?

  5. I think you mean wattage or power never changes. Voltage (volts) times current (amps) equals power (watts). If current is increased voltage must decrease and vice versa. This is because of conservation of energy. Wattage output over a period of time (watt hours) for example can be converted to joules (a measure of energy). The relationship of turns of coils on opposing sides of a transformer determine the amounts by which current and voltage will increase or decrease respectively. Generally coils are wrapped around an insulated piece of iron which serves as a conduite for the fluctuating magnetic field generated by the alternating currents. This varying magnetic field is what transfers the energy from one side to the other.

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