The Great Wall Myth

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It is common mistake to say that The Great Wall of China is visible from outer space.  It is too thin to be noticed from such a great distance.  There are no man made structures that are visible from space or moon.  Man made objects start to disappear after 300 miles up.

From that distance you can barely see the outline of the Great China Wall. If we consider that distance from Earth to Moon is around 384,403 kilometers/238,857 miles then we can draw reasonable conclusion that it would be impossible to see any man-made structures from such a distance.  Astronaut Alan Bean said: “The only thing you can see from the moon is a beautiful sphere, mostly white (clouds), some blue (ocean), patches of yellow (deserts), and every once in a while some green vegetation.  No man-made object is visible on this scale.  In fact, when first leaving earth’s orbit and only a few thousand miles away, no man-made object is visible at that point either.”

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  1. I’m afraid that’s not quite right – from just outside Earth’s atmosphere you can indeed see the great wall, as well as farmers’ fields, boats on the sea and even some individual buildings. If you go further, you can see nothing 🙂

  2. This is indeed wrong. It can be seen from space, but not from the moon, which is the usual myth. Plus the fresh kills landfill in staten island can be seen from space and is regarded as the largest man made structure.

  3. Outer Space is everything outside the Earth’s atmosphere that is not an object like a rock or a planet or a sun. …

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  7. This is not correct – the Great Wall cannot be seen from space, orbit, a sub orbital lob, 30,000ft or Google Earth.

  8. I would really love to know how many of you have travelled to space to be able to contest the validity of this fact all you guys keep saying is blah blah blah this is visible that is visible truth is unless your astronauts how the hell would you know

  9. There is another man.made artifact visible from space, the M25 (Motorway) RingRoad around London, England, and I would imagine many more European motorways would be visible when seen at night, due to the high incidence of Highway illumination throughout Europe, in fact ALL of Belgiums motorways are illuminated!

  10. This myth is true from Space meaning where out atmosphere ends, the Wall is not visible, even the Astronauts on the International Space Station say that cannot see it and they are techincaly still within the highest point of our atmosphere.

  11. everyone keeps yapping about how all them are visible from space. do you not think that if you use a satelite with a good camera you can. it means the naked eye from the moon. catch a grip

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  13. What about the luxor hotel in Las Vegas. They said with the light at the top at full power, it could be seen from space. Is that true?

  14. Actually the fact states that at 300 miles from Earth you can see the outline, well the International Space Station orbits the Earth at between 200 and 240 miles, so that means you can actually see the Great Wall from space.

  15. Well it could be doubt, there still cant be given a proof if the space did magic this the Great Wall, it could be something else instead of the space. I still dont know about if this fact is true

  16. Hey, I saw a pic taken from Moon, which showed the wall of china… probably on a clear night, with some good zoom, they could have taken the pic… its obvious, U never know if it was taken from moons surface.

  17. everyone is a fool over here , nothing can be seen from such a long distance.
    its moon guys not the toilet @ the back of ur home.

  18. Actually the Panama Cannal can be seen from the moon, it is technically a man made structure as it was designed and dug in the 20th century and carried out by Rosavelt after the president before him abandoned the plans due to diseases such as malaria.

  19. The true facts are: The panama canal or the great wall of China are invisibile from space due to the enormous distance, unless you use a spy satellite or 6 beers; you can even see pigs flying! 🙂

  20. obviously itz a true fact tat china wall cant be seen from such a far distance..y do we care abt it..anywayz we are not gonna see it from space..right!.. and also y do we have to see it as a tiny thing.. lets go china and see it..:)

  21. The beginning of outer space was defined in 2009 as being 73 miles above the earth’s surface. I suspect you can clearly see the Great Wall of China from that altitude ( but I haven’t been there to confirm it).

  22. It’s probably true that you can’t see the wall from the moon, but the ‘myth’ is seeing it from space, which begins much closer at about 75 miles up.

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