5 Interesting Facts About Tool

fun facts about tool band

5 Interesting Facts About Tool

  1. In their album Opiate, at the end of their title track named “Opiate” as well, there is a secret song called “The Gaping Lotus Experience.” The band never announced this publicly, but instead, fans claim that it was a method they used to trick their fans. TBH, the band is well known for little nuances such as this and the use of time signature in music.
  2. For their 2nd album Disgustipated (which is a combination of disgusted and constipated), you would hear sounds of things being broken and people raging. This was the sound of the members of the band breaking a total of three pianos to get the required sound. As proof, the band went on to upload footage of this on Youtube. You can imagine the GIF and MEME flowing from this scenario.
  3. For their album Lateralus, there was a sound in the song “Mantra,” which really scared a lot of their listeners. This sound was created by Maynard James Keenan by slowly squeezing his cat in a non-painful manner. He claimed multiple times that no animals were hurt during the making of the album. The album contained “Parabola” as well.
  4. Their album 10,000 Days was named after Maynard’s mother, who had suffered partial paralysis for 10,000 days after suffered a stroke. “Vicarious” was the lead track here.
  5. Tool has won multiple Grammy Awards for their songs, under the category of Best Metal Performance ( 1998, 2002, 2020), Best Hard Rock Performance (2007, 2008), and one for Best Music Video in 1998 for the song “Stinkfist”. In 2020, for the year 2019, they were nominated in two categories with the tracks “Fear Inoculum” and “7empest”. “7empest” took home the prize and Tool’s passionate fans again understood HIFW vindication arrives, SMH. No more chasing the tail of dogma.

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