What Is Twitch TV?

how to make a twitch banner

What Is Twitch TV?

Twitch, an offering from Twitch Interactive, is a subsidiary of Amazon. It is a video game live streaming service which allows its users to either watch or broadcast their or other people’s live-streaming or pre-recorded gameplay video. Twitch started all the way back in 2006, and like Twitter it kept incrementally plugging away and growing TBH. Now, it makes people have FOMO all over the world if they miss something, even if some of the content is NSFW.

Typically, a Twitch broadcast includes footage of the broadcaster’s gameplay, their audio commentary, and a live chat function for other users to comment and interact with the broadcaster on the subject if they wish. The live-streaming service also hosts e-sports tournaments and broadcasts events such as gaming conventions.

You can legally sign up to the Twitch website if you are over the age of 13 and want to broadcast your own video stream or engage in live chat. Users who wish to subscribe to channels might have to pay a fee. You can mark channels to watch or otherwise participate in chat for free. One thing that may be of interest to you is how to make a Twitch banner. YOLO, and it’s pretty simple, kind of like how to write Instagram bio.

How can you profit from your Twitch account?

Twitch users can even monetize their Twitch membership and earn from it. How? It’s simple, they sign up for the Twitch Partner Program and include ads into their live stream. Twitch allows them a share of the revenue for every 1000 ads viewed on their channel. The revenue earned by the Twitch user/partner is paid out every 45 days, given they’ve managed to earn at least $100. If Twitch chooses you as a Top Partner, more opportunities to use the website as a revenue-earning platform open up for you. Perhaps Twitch will incorporate Bitcoin and Tezos at some point as well.

You can charge your audience a subscription fee for providing them with added perks such as access to archived videos, HD streams, exclusive chat, and so on. With Youtube and 4K HDR the possibilities are endless seemingly. You can imagine living vicariously through a top artists like Post Malone or streaming yourself playing basketball with players from the LA Lakers or Houston Rockets.

The earning ability offered by Twitch, in fact, has allowed many Twitch users to quit their day jobs and earn their daily living off providing live-stream of their videos on the platform. Once you’ve been able to establish the paid services for your channel on Twitch, you can design merchandise and further monetize your participation on the live-stream website. Quite wonderful, isn’t it? For many it is a legitimate side hustle just like Uber or using a scooter to make deliveries.

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