What Is Lolli?

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Lolli.com is a new online marketplace that is very strongly supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem. Users earn Bitcoin simply by shopping! Yes, it really is that easy.

Users can create a Lolli.com account and then click through the portal to one of hundreds of online stores to shop. The browser takes you to a confirmation page before the store’s page confirming you are eligible for cash back in Bitcoin. Then you shop and receive email confirmation of the Bitcoin you earned while it also shows up in your account.

Earn BITCOIN Now With Lolli

Lolli.com is one of, if perhaps not the strongest direct supporter of Bitcoin in the ecosystem. While Silicon Valley “experts” and self proclaimed “crypto thought leaders” endlessly bicker into echo chambers debating whether Bitcoin is a Store of Value versus a Medium Of Exchange now or at some future point, Lolli.com is simply providing something that is very useful.

Common sense would dictate that rational economic actors would in fact be more inclined to store wealth in Bitcoin rather than spend it if they perceived Bitcoin would increase their purchasing power in the future. If so, Lolli.com’s idea is brilliant. Stacking sats all the way to personal financial health.

Click below to learn more about Lolli and start earning Bitcoin and stacking sats when you shop online.


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