Facts About Instagram Live Streams to Facebook

Instagram's Working on an Option to Simulcast Instagram Live Streams to Facebook

Some great reporting by socialmediatoday.com about Instagram and Facebook and how they are integrating options to live stream. Facebook owns Instagram and they of course continue to build out the technology as they fend off challenges from things like Tiktok, Twitch TV, and Telegram among others not to mention twitter.

With the progression of 4K HDR and the always present YOLO and FOMO effects, things like Youtube continue to get stronger and stronger along with the wild card of e-sports. They all continue to fight for eyeballs and traffic and get what is originated by Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and others.

This could be interesting. According to a new discovery by Alessandro Paluzzi , Instagram is testing an option that would enable you to simulcast your Instagram Live sessions over to your Facebook Page, essentially broadcasting to your audiences on both platforms at the same time. This screenshot is from […]

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