Facts About Robot Pets

facts about robots and law enforcement

We have seen the Robocop in action in China. There are delivery robots in action and retail robots in action. We also have the self driving electric trucks. And, of course – the robot pet.

A human and a dogOTP. A human and a catHIFW there is a need for comfort and affection. There are a variety of robot pets on the market, and at the CES 2020 a company called Tombot released Jennie the robot puppy. The puppy is designed to help relieve stress and anxiety. The puppy can listen and react to commands and has sensors all over its body to respond to touch.

Wonder if the the technology ever gets to wear we can make pet robot tigers, jaguars, tarsiers, horses, dolphins, and other amazing creatures? SMH, we can’t wait for those videos on Youtube and the GIF and MEME on Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter.

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