RoboCop Reality: Facts About Law Enforcement Robots

facts about robots and law enforcement

Interesting Facts About Robots

Robots have officially entered the world of law enforcement, and it started in Asia. In Northern China robots are deployed serving as traffic cops. This started in early August of 2019 by the Handan municipal public security bureau.

Apparently there are three different types of RoboCops in China. One type of robot is a traffic control robot that patrols areas and can take photos of violations and lead to citations and more money extorted by the government.

Another type of robot is an “advice traffic” robot. This robot posts as sort of a community guide resource. The robot is supposed to help people find things and make their way around and give advice and suggestions.

The third type is designed to try and prevent blockages and jams due to real accidents. These robots warn drivers when there has been a real life accident in the vicinity.

Knightscope Robot

There is a startup based in California that is tackling this issue head on, and they already have revenue. Knightscope manufactures robots that can help law enforcement but also schools, hospitals, casinos, or anywhere that generally uses a human security force.

Knightscope has successfully raised funds on the StartEngine platform and has done a few interviews with Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank as well.

We already have robots in retail and people endlessly asking if robots will take my job? This is further evidence that robots are here to stay and will only grow in prominence. Facebook and Instagram are tracking everything people do, and it’s only a mater of time before the people turn the tables and sell their data and information to big tech and adopt a new monetary system perhaps built entirely on Bitcoin. The world is becoming more automated, but the people can adapt as well.

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