Drone Food Delivery Facts

drone food delivery

Drone Food Delivery

As some agonize over whether a robot will take their job, the technology continues to push the edge and plow forward. Both Uber and Google claim to be able to deliver food to people with a drone, and they are clearly working on that. From delivery robots to retail robots and self driving electric trucks, it can get confusing out there. So just what are the facts?

At CES 2020, a startup named Manna announced a partnership with food delivery startup Flipdish. The goal is to, yes maybe you are SMH, deliver your food within minutes and allow you to track the flight and delivery.

Drone Feed Delivery Near Me

It does appear that right in San Diego (not too far from Hollywood) there is legitimate activity taking place. Uber Eats has partnered with McDonald’s (who knows maybe eventually Wendy’s and Chik-fil-A) with the intent to commence deliveries in the summer of 2020. Who knows how or if the COVID-19 issue will change this.

Get ready for the GIF and MEME. An unmanned flying object and fast food – OTP if we ever saw one. Hopefully the food doesn’t generate any NSFW moments if we are TBH.

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