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maya civilization

Maya Civilization

Maya people were masters of mathematics and calendars and they were keeping track of time using three separate calendars.  For predictions about the beginning and end of the “world” they used “Long Count” calendar.   And on December 21st 2012, the Long Count will be at the point zero which Maya predicts as the end of time and beginning of the new world.

The Mayas were very accurate in their predictions and they predicted invasions on their soil and the World Wars.  Most interesting fact about Mayans was their artificial cranial deformation practice.  They believed that flat heads represent nobility so they flattened babies heads with two large sticks and newborns were left for days to endure pain.

When Spanish missionaries arrived, for them, one of the most surprising things was the deformity of the Mayans heads.  Some wrote that in certain cases you could openings behind the Mayans ears.  Some believe that Mayans tried to look like someone.  Maybe early alien visitors?

The Maya had a complicated religion with an enormous pantheon of gods. The Maya considered a specific shade of blue to be a very considerable color. The Maya had many diverse gods. The Maya believed they would still play their ball game even as soon as they died. The Maya deforested via the use of slash-and-burn agriculture a method still utilised in their old stomping grounds today, hence the researchers understand the way that it works.

The wealthy and diverse culture of the Mayan civilization a part of what makes their sudden disappearance even more interesting. Mayan society was vibrant, but it may also be brutal. The Olmec society was constructed on agriculture. It’s rare to locate a historical society who had friendly trading partners in addition to enemies. Aztec civilization was constructed around corn cultivation. In some instances, Maya antiquities are returned to their country of origin.

Maya regions are ecologically divided into three kinds of areas. Every one of the various cultural areas developed their very own unique agricultural styles. Some cities were rather large. The majority of the cities incorporates some kind of pyramid, if it be a pyramid shaped doorway or a genuine pyramid. Each Mayan city has its very own special type of art. You can go to the Maya city of Copan and look for clues to its collapse.

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