5 Interesting Facts About Aerosmith

interesting facts about aerosmith
  1. Guitar Hero has generated more profits for Aerosmith than any of their albums have. SMH, that is simply crazy. The days of MySpace seem so long ago in a Spotify world where people also consume music on Youtube.
  2. January 5th, 1973 – on this day both Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen released their debut albums. Quite a day in rock and roll history! They dominated along with the Rolling Stones.
  3. Desmond Child worked as a “song doctor” with the band for Permanent Vacation, the album that launched Aerosmith back into the forefront in the 80’s.
  4. The alternate names were “The Hookers” and “The Spike Jones”.
  5. In 1970 the band moved in together in Boston, MA. They resided at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue to rehearse and work together tirelessly.

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