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Hawaiian Alphabet

The Hawaiian Alphabet only contains 12 letters: a, e, i, o, u, h, k, l, m, n, p and w. Every word ends with a vowel. A glottal stop is also used, called an 'okina (meaning cutting, 'oki meaning cut and na meaning -ing). It used to be called an 'u'ina (meaning snap).

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how would u say "if you only knew"? if thats possible?
brit at 01:38AM, Nov 7th 2012.
Hawaiian H8er
I live in Hawaii now and let me tell you the language is nothing compared to the total lack of knowledge these people have, not to mention the terrible traffic and the fact that they finish every sentence with the word "yea", wtf is that??
Hawaiian H8er at 05:25PM, Jul 12th 2012.
Matt personal trainer
Languages are nothing more than programmed mathematical codes designed to generalise the peoples who speak them eg : Germans have no sense of humour and are warlike , hence their gift for mechanical engineering - to build weapons of war ( very deliberate !) Obviously all peoples because of their languages have their programmes , that is why England decided to create a melting pot of people in America , to free the Human Race from themselves and whoever ruled them ( your choice of who it is !)
Matt personal trainer at 07:09AM, Dec 25th 2011.
rutvi varia
this is excellent.we don't have 2 remember 26 letters.but how do we write sure in Hawaiian language?!
rutvi varia at 06:47AM, Jan 2nd 2011.
rutvi vadera wrote: #
how do you spell certain words like bus ??????????

We have different words for "bus" in Hawaiian.

a "kaʻa ʻōhua" is a car that carries many passengers, and can be used to mean "bus."

The word "ka'a" on its own means "car."
Hawaiian at 08:41PM, Aug 26th 2009.
give us some different words except the word listed above?????????
Is that true that there are 18 letters on the hawaiian alphabet
SLU_CHRISTIAN at 08:57PM, Aug 8th 2009.
Trey Furniss
iouka iz right :) wow. i didnt realize your comment wuz even right tha fuk there. thank u for proving my point :)
Trey Furniss at 04:41AM, Jul 17th 2009.
Trey Furniss
Thats a bunch a ****in bullshit. Learn real history. It's not hard. Ever heard of google? .
Trey Furniss at 04:39AM, Jul 17th 2009.
Trey Furniss
Thats a bunch a ****in bullshit. Learn real history. It's not hard. Ever heard of google?
Trey Furniss at 04:38AM, Jul 17th 2009.
Iouka Kahananui
Actually there are 18 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet they are a,e,i,o,u,h,k,l,m,n,p,w,'
also you have the vowels with the kahako over them they are also seperate letters of the alphabet because they change the word, like the kahako, the okina is an actual letter in the Hawaiian apiapa
Iouka Kahananui at 02:09PM, Apr 8th 2009.
rutvi vadera
how do you spell certain words like bus ??????????
rutvi vadera at 04:47AM, Mar 2nd 2009.
Hawai'i has two official languages, Hawaiian and English. It is a branch of the Polynesian language and is very similar to the Maori and Tahitian vocabulary. And no, you do no pronounce letters such as C, D, etc. Every word ends in a vowel and no two consonants are in a row. Many words and even sentences contain only vowels, such as E i ae oe iaia (Speak thou to him there). Many words have several meaning, such as aloha (hello, goodbye, to love) and many words in English require several Hawaiian words, such as across (Mai kekahi aoao a i kekahi aoao ae).
Some place names in Hawai'i include Haleakala = house of the sun
hale - house
a - of
ka - the
la - sun
Other common words include:
mahalo = thank you
pau = to end, to be done
hula = dance
maka = eye
kapu = sacred, prohibited
wai = water
keiki = child
Some sentences :
Pahea la oukou i ike ai ia mea? = How do you know that?
And Hawaii's state motto
Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono. = The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.
mia at 07:59PM, Feb 17th 2009.
I guess Morgan meant to know if you can pronounce letters like C, D, F, G, ... that you don't have in your language. I thought in Hawai they speak English!!
tamkat at 05:50PM, Jan 24th 2009.
Could you give some examples of words with their meanings
Sandra at 09:57AM, Nov 28th 2008.
MORGAN at 11:43AM, Sep 29th 2008.

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