Underwater Hockey Facts

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In underwater hockey two teams of six members each fight against each other to score a goal under 6 to 8 feet of water (2-3 meters). The players wear fins for speed and agility, and also use masks and snorkels for air – however, for the most part; the heavy lead puck has to be maneuvered with a plastic or wooden stick of about a foot long (30 cm), while holding your breath underwater. There are elaborate rules for this game and nationwide championships are also held regularly. You can even become a member various Underwater Hockey clubs spread all over the world.

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Underwater Hockey is a thing from theocho

New Zealand win men’s and women’s underwater hockey world titles from newzealand

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  1. My girlfriend boyfriend plays basketball hockey and i told her him about this and she he just laughed but it turns out her his sister brother actually didnt used to play. When they I overheard found out I was like, LETS NOT GO TO THE LOLCANO!!!

  2. I am 66 years of age & used to play this game in the Army when I was 17. It was Fabulous fun, and it really developed my abilities to stay under for longer, when I started dividing & snorkelling with a club in Bath, AVON, they were blown away with how long i could hold my breath. Great fun.

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