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Carnivorous Caterpillars

There are certain types of caterpillars which are carnivorous in nature. However, only one percent of all caterpillars eat meat, and generally feed upon soft flesh like insects and spiders. There are several species found in different parts of the world with slightly different characteristics. They begin their life by eating plants of a specific type, but as they grow they switch to certain types of insects. The most interesting thing about them is the way they kill in order to arrange for food. Some use seductive smells or camouflage in order to trap their prey. A certain species in Hawaii disguise itself as the bark of a tree in order to hunt for spiders and insects. In Australia, the killer caterpillars specifically go for green tree ants and dovours the brood. On the other hand, certain Denmark species reside along with ants underground. It is a highly unusual behavior for caterpillars to hunt for meat, as we know them to grow as butterflies and moths. However, this kind of caterpillars are very hard to find, and are slowly on the path of extinction due to their complex life cycle.

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Her last words were "Spit in my mouth!"
Blake at 10:30AM, Feb 17th 2015.
Her last words were "Spit in my mouth!"
Blake at 10:27AM, Feb 17th 2015.
Her last words were "Spit in my mouth!"
Blake at 10:25AM, Feb 17th 2015.
Charming Grl
never knew that! so cool! :) :)
Charming Grl at 07:32PM, Nov 30th 2012.
this is great stuff =3
alexismazza at 10:40AM, Oct 31st 2012.
Harry Willmott
Great fact! so interesting
Harry Willmott at 10:45AM, Aug 29th 2009.

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