The Top Animals We Must Protect From Extinction

The Top Animals We Must Protect From Extinction

Unfortunately, animal extinction continues to ravish nearly every corner of the planet. Since human beings have had a large role in their pain, we should concern ourselves with the survivability of all creatures. But some need our immediate attention. The top animals we must protect from extinction should be a guidepost to lead us to a more protective future.


About a century ago, these residents of the western-central African forests had a population of 1,000,000. However, there are around 300,000 today. Their species, which consumes plant life and meat, experienced terrible attrition due to deforestation. Unfortunately, humans have shot the others for bushmeat. Chimpanzees are a close relative of human beings, and they need our protection fast.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger, found in Asia and Eastern Europe, has fascinated human beings for centuries. This beautiful creature, which now has a population below 2,000, appears in all corners of ancient culture. People once ate their livers for courage and wove their whiskers into rings to keep evil at bay. They are among the top animals we must protect from extinction because they are a mainstay in the public’s imagination of nature.


Bees pollinate over 80 percent of flowering plants on this planet. Without these creatures making our fruits and vegetables blossom, the ecological health of our planet would quickly run amok. But we continue to see bee deaths due to Colony Collapse Disorder, a bizarre event where most bees in a hive abandon their home and disappear. We need to learn how to protect our bees so that our planet doesn’t suffer the consequences of inaction.


We cannot allow the largest mammals on earth to go extinct. Elephants are one of nature’s most fascinating creatures, with their distinct trunks, trumpet cries, multi-use tusks. Sadly, their numbers are dwindling due to poaching. Humans need to make a serious effort to save these animals.

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