Will Robots Take My Job?

will robots take my job

Automation Definition – Techopedia helps us with defining automation in the context we desire. Automation is the creation of technology and associated applications to control and administer the production and management of goods and services.

Might sound a bit scary in terms of jobs being replaced by machines, but we don’t know what will happen. What is a FACT and an interesting fact at that, is that automation is sweeping across the globe.

But, is this anything new? The fact is automation has always been with us. History shows the facts that humans tend to adapt. What robots or machines do in the future may just nudge humans along into more fulfilling and intellectual challenges and vocations. Hang tight! And, we haven’t even really got into computer vision and deep learning yet with these machines.

There are tons of interesting facts and things related to automation going on currently. Experts in Robotics and AI recently chimed in on what they expect to see in 2019. Of course, there is the Amazon grocery store using robots, but don’t think for a minute other companies are standing pat. Check out what Kroger and Microsoft are up to in terms of the future of food shopping.

Keep an eye on Bitcoin of course. You think robots will accept cash? They might require Bitcoin or Tezos or something else leaving you SMH. But, you can make a funny GIF of retail robots and share it on twitter or Tiktok.

will robots take my job
will robots take my job

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