What Is Flipboard?

what is flipboard

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Flipboard is a news aggregator and aggregator of social media content. Flipboard operates in the space competing for how people consume news, information, social media, and other entertainment and leisure.

Flipboard gives publishers the ability to establish a publisher account and provide Flipboard with an RSS feed. Publisher content is automatically published in Flipboard “Magazines” created by the publishers. Consumers of content use the tool to curate and organize what they want to see and consume.

How Big Is Flipboard?

Flipboard might not yet match others in size such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google on the tech scene, but it is gaining in importance. Flipboard is growing rapidly as a referral source for publishers. Along with Instagram, Flipboard is increasing how much traffic it sends to publishers at a rapid clip.

There are many looming issues facing the news and media industries and more specifically digital publishing and social media. The facts are the government is looking further into Big Tech and privacy matters, but we don’t know what the result will be.

It remains to be seen what consumers will do and what services will emerge that perhaps shift some power back to the consumer. Why don’t consumers simply control their own data and then have the opportunity to sell it to firms such as Google that use it to make money? This could change everything.

Another looming issue is the large presence of organic searches that do not result in an actual click or visit to a publisher or merchant website. How do publishers survive in a world of no click searches? Flipboard might certainly play a big role in answering this conundrum.

Learn more about becoming a Publisher on Flipboard and the Red Bolt program here.

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