Where Has All The Money Gone?

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Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Forbes.com breaks down where all the money is going in the VC world as it relates to artificial intelligence. We saw earlier in the year a huge raise between Elon Musk and Microsoft and a more intense level of scrutiny placed on Big Tech by the Department of Justice related to privacy and fair play among other issues.

One wonders how the facts related to AI and its potential can or will ultimately balance with the threats it poses with respect to privacy and control in this world of social media, Facebook, Instagram, robots, and others. When will consumers turn the table and use all of this technology to make Big Tech pay individual consumers for the use of their data?

As summer blazes on and the dust settles on the first two quarters of the year, now seems a good moment to reflect on the global venture capital trends impacting the Artificial Intelligence market. A one-line summary of the data would be: investor interest in AI is holding steady, […]

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