What Does HIFW Mean?

what does hifw mean

Ever wish you had that one quick sign or signal to tell everyone about a moment you are experiencing internally and trying to capture? Sure, a GIF or MEME can help alleviate FOMO as you send it across Twitter or Tiktok, but a simple term or acronym would help.

What Is HIFW?

Enter HIFW to the rescue. HIFW means How I Feel When. It generally is used in conjunction with the obligatory GIF or story or pic or image.

Here are some examples which would have some visual image associated and linked to enhance the atmosphere:

HIFW I start listening to Billie Eilish on Youtube.

HIFW the LA Dodgers win another baseball game at Fenway Park.

HIFW I am SMH at watching my friend try and live vicariously through Post Malone and Pablo Picasso at the same time.

HIFW about to dive into the ocean and swim in the water among dolphins, mandarinfish, and sea turtles.

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