Dubai Facts

dubai facts

Interesting Facts About Dubai

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. No taxes on income and there are no personal taxes either. In Dubai Emirates Mall you can ski indoors while shopping, measuring 400 meters and using 6000 tons of snow.  Burj Dubai will become the world’s tallest building, along with the world’s tallest man-made structure when it is completed.  Eighty percent of Dubai residents are foreigners.

This explosion in real estate speculation and development raises concerns about property value bubbles like seen at times throughout Asia, in San Francisco, and in Boston.  In 2019 this lead to the deliberate attempt to curtail this activity and slow things down before a horrendous crash were to occur.  

What Time Is It In Dubai?

Dubai is nine hours ahead of New York City and twelve hours ahead of Los Angeles. 

Where Is Dubai?

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates.  The UAE is just south of Qatar and borders Saudi Arabia and Oman.  Dubai is on the coast and touches the Persian Gulf ocean body of water.  This is where Dubai is located.

Dubai Hotels

Dubai is well known for its glorious and luxurious travel environment and hotels.  Dubai is considered very fancy and luxurious and that is the intent.  It’s all about glitz and glamour and trying to create an economic and business focal point for the world.  Here is a great list of Hotels In Dubai.  

Dubai Economy

Dubai is a very aggressive mover and shaker in the global economy.  The country is always actively seeking out foreign investment and business deals.  A lot of it is real estate related but there are other activities as well.  In early 2019 the city laid out some plans for expansion by targeting more Chinese developers and business people.  


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dubai facts
dubai facts

Dubai Real Estate

When Sheikh Maktoum announced his Vision of Dubai he stated the limited nature of the emirates sources meant if Dubai was capitalise on its potential a long-term shift in leadership was demanded. What Sheikh Maktoum summarized was a brand-new age of Dubai, one based around rising tourism earnings, as tourists from all around the globe came to experience the sights and splendours of present day’d certainly appear like Dubai is capitalizing on this increasing market for tourism. Annual tourism earnings from the emirate have surpassed 6bn AED, and earnings from inbound tourism are predicted to grow by 7.2% annually until 2015. 

Reports From this World Travel and Tourism Market, have said that a large percentage of the growth that was continuing will be during mega projects which are being built from the emirate’s progression. Notably the development the 3 billion sq legs of land. What’s Dubailand, and can it be set to play such a role in the emirate’s growth? Dubailand, which is set to open its own doors is without the most tourism and leisure project undertaken. Over 3 billion sq legs of top notch theme parks, state of this art sporting facilities and cultural and entertainment venues. Costing an incredible $65 billion, Dubailand will incorporate 45 mega jobs which fit within seven core themes. 

Key attractions inside the Dubailand development include Aqua Dunya, among the world’s biggest water theme parks and Dreamworks, a 5 million sq legs amusement park developed by the Dreamworks studios. And also the amusement parks, Dubailand will also includes Dubai Sports City, a place which is destined to become among the world’s premier sporting facilities. Within Dubai Sports City will be located four giant sized sports stadiums, that will host high-level football matches, cricket, hockey and rugby matches featuring this cream of this sporting elite. Current estimates suggest that over 40, 000 Visitors per day will visit Dubailand, bring over 15 million visitors annually to the emirate. 

The population of Dubailand, when finished will be an incredible 2.5 million including tourists, residents and workers. Throughout the development, a broad range of property is available, which range in compact studios up to this spacious and luxurious villas which can be found among the developments championship golf courses. Whilst the figures make impressive reading, what’s truly astounding is this concepts of Dubailand and Dubai Sports City still have to reach the wider global consciousness. When this occurs, as it definitely will as projects come on-line, this volumes of tourists to this region are set to increase considerably.

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