Dubai Facts

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. No taxes on income and there are no personal taxes either. In Dubai Emirates Mall you can ski indoors while shopping, measuring 400 meters and using 6000 tons of snow. Burj Dubai will become the world\’s tallest building, along with the world\’s tallest man-made structure when it is completed. Eighty percent of Dubai residents are foreigners.

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  1. Where is this “Dubai”? Also, the tallest hotel there is made with VHB tape so it can withstand heavy wind, tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes and other natural or terrorist attacks on the building.

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  3. Hi Lucy, just asking, do u got to Queensmead? Coz there’s a girl in my Geography class called Lucy “lu lu” Morris and our H.W was to find out about Dubai. Thx.


  4. I don’t think you can actually go shopping with skis on at that mall. I simply think the skiing facility is attached TO the mall.

  5. i love Dubai too! i have been there twice myself it is so beautiful there i’m look forward to going back again some day soon

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