How Many Islands Does the Republic of Croatia Have?

How Many Islands Does the Republic of Croatia Have?

The Republic of Croatia is a quaint country located on the sprawling coast of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is known for many things, from Game of Thrones to truffles and dalmatian puppies, but its biggest tourism driver is its islands. How many islands does the Republic of Croatia have, exactly? And what sets them apart? Read on to find out!

How Many Islands Does Croatia Have?

So, how many islands does Croatia have? The exact count varies based on which definition of “island” you use, and new islands are uncovered all the time. But for now, the general consensus seems to be “around 1,244.” Because of the sheer number of isles Croatia is home to, the Republic is commonly called “The Land of a Thousand Islands.”

Uninhibited vs. Uninhabited

The Land of a Thousand Islands is rife with islets and atolls, but interestingly, only 47 of those 1,000 are inhabited. And out of the 47 that are inhabited, only a handful are densely populated. The rest are short on residents, with some home to just one!

Which Islands Are the Best To Visit?

If you’re planning a trip to Croatia, you may be overwhelmed by how many islands there are! How do you choose which ones to visit?

Narrowing it down to the inhabited islands is a good start, and you’ll also want to cross any private isles off your list (unless you want to get into spats with the owners). That leaves just a few. Here are some Croatian islands you can (and should) visit:

  • Hvar, the party island
  • Mljet, the nature lover’s paradise
  • Brac, the all-rounder
  • Korcula, the historical isle
  • Dugi Otok, the scenic one

The Land of a Thousand Islands has a truly impressive island count. While it’s a far cry from Sweden’s 221,800 or Canada’s 52,455, Croatia’s thousand ensures that every trip you make there will be interesting and diverse.

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