Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana was first cultivated in China around 4000 B.C. and the U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. Twelve Americans receive prescribed marijuana from the U.S. government. There are three main types of Marijuana: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Sativa grows taller and it gives more of a head high. Indica is a short bushy plant and the high is more muscle relaxing throughout the body and it has variety of medical uses. Cannabis Ruderalis grows in colder climates (Eastern Europe and Russia). Skunk is the strong Cannabis Indica hybrid. Interesting fact about marijuana is that marijuana cures/prevents more than 100 diseases including cancer and depression.  High levels of THC (psychoactive part of cannabis) are found mostly in female plants. Most of the smokers like to keep their females plans seed free. Which means they discard all male plants on order to stop them from pollinating female plants. Cannabidiol (CBD) is compound in cannabis that helps cancer patients and it is suggested that these patients intake marijuana that contains higher levels of CBD. Interestingly, North Korea is one of the first countries to legalize Marijuana and it is freely grown and smoked through out the country. Another fact is that women are more sensitive to marijuana and it was suggested that teenage girls should smoke with precaution since they are vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

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