How Do Self Driving Cars Work?

how do self driving cars work

Self driving cars function using a combination of software, radar, lasers, sensors, maps, and cameras among other things to properly function. Software processes all of these inputs and ultimately sends instructions to the vehicles accelerators, brakes, and steering mechanisms. These are called the actuators of the vehicle.

Self Driving Trucks are already making deliveries for the US Postal Service. Many auto manufacturers such as Tesla and Elon Musk and Ford have very big plans for self driving vehicles. Here is a thorough analysis of the plans Ford has for this emerging marketplace.

how do self driving cars work
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It can be a challenge trying to keep up with all of the new and incredible technologies constantly emerging. We have robots in retail stores, new privacy first search engines like DuckDuckGo, mining asteroids, and of course the never ending quest to get more lithium out of the Earth so we can have more fun with more new toys. You might be SMH, but the world moves ahead swiftly with or without you.

In August of 2019 a new self driving shuttle service actually began operations in NYC. The service shuttles folks around the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. Apparently it’s as easy as jumping in, enjoying your peanut butter sandwich, and scooting around while you check your Instagram and search on Facebook or even look for a giggle on TikTok. Only a matter of time until Uber rolls out self driving cars.

One of the biggest looming factors at play in this race to deploy self driving cars is the general awareness and acceptance of which cities are considered the safest for driving, biking, and pedestrians and which are considered the most dangerous. The arrival of self driving cars will certainly shake up these rankings, but we don’t really know how or when. Some cities may gain from self driving cars and some may lose in terms of safety. There is still so much to learn and appreciate about this new technology.

How long until we pay self driving cars in Bitcoin and the owners can stack sats like people do when they shop with Lolli? What about other new technologies and stuff like Tezos, AirBnB, Youtube, cannabis, Yandex, Ecosia, and DuckDuckGo?

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