Birds Commit Suicide

birds commit suicide

Why Birds Commit Suicide In Jatinga

It is believed that in a small town in North Eastern part of India (Jatinga) birds commit suicide in a particular 1.5 km long and around 200 meters wide strip of field area. TBH, if you SMH due to this NSFW type of information, it is understandable IKR. These birds are not suicidal since their behavior may be attributed to heavy rains  and all that water and floods and submergence of their natural habitat in the surrounding areas including the trees. Also the local villagers light torches which attract the birds migrating at night. They then clobber them to death with bamboo poles and eat them!  This is just this specific spot and not related to other birds such as the bald eagle, pelicans, or hummingbird

There was no indication of prey on the street. There are a number of bird species that are regarded to be suicidal in nature but not all them. The birds lose their normal habitat. As already mentioned, they die in this village every year. Curiously, the majority of the doomed birds do not try to fly away once they land near the lights. A number of the lengthy distance migratory birds aren’t affected by this phenomenon. An animal is not going to do this due to a sudden dread, or an excessive emotion.

Yes, it’s a mysterious phenomenon as birds aren’t known to have suicidal tendencies. This phenomenon was named The Tributeby the community indigenous populations. The reason for the phenomenon of such floating stones is not yet been identified despite it having been studied by different scientists up to now.

Speeding up your vehicle wouldn’t help since she’s supposed to match up to your speed. Hence, as soon as a vehicle is left out of gear, it looks like it’s rolling uphill. Stopping the vehicle isn’t a prudent option either!

Dumas Beach, Gujarat Gujarat is mostly known for good small business opportunities but allow me to tell you, there are a number of horror places there too. Because of their location, the National Park and the Lagoons are among the most intriguing destinations to go to in the region, where you might also enjoy a selection of activities! The Loktak Lake in Manipur, also called the only Floating Lake on the planet, is among the most unusual sights in India. The mountains, roads, and hills are set in such a manner it appears like the area is an uphill terrain, but in fact, it’s slightly downhill. There’s a hill in Ladakh that’s thought to be magnetic.  Imagine getting pulled uphill even as soon as the ignition of your vehicle is off!

The `suicide’, nevertheless, is only a portion of the mystery. Animal suicide refers to any sort of self-destructive behavior displayed by several species of animals, leading to their death. Although the precise reason for their death is not yet been ascertained, it’s being alleged that they committed suicide after being frustrated with their respective relatives. Also the graves are almost always open and you may actually find the skeletons of the folks.

The issue isn’t poverty. Thus, there are numerous questions that still require scientific research from several angles. As soon as it is matter of concern that thousands of birds are dying here, there is absolutely no doubt that Jatinga has turned into a well-known tourist spot of the nation. So it’s been an issue of trial and error attempting to receive it right. It’s within our human nature to always be curious and the search to reveal secrets of any sort can be quite so tantalizing that some individuals spend their entire lives looking for answers.

To say such behaviour doesn’t constitute suicide demands a definition of what does. Nowadays you move along and don’t arrive back. This place can be found at a normal altitude of 355 meters. These places also provide amazing sightseeing tours of the lovely mountains and valleys that produce the state a perfect destination for planning vacations. Popularly called Himalayan wonder’, the area is rather discussed among travelers. Anyone taking out the opportunity to go to this portion of the nation would love to take advantage of their escapade. You will need to wait until next calendar year, though!

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