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Killer Whale Facts

The killer whale, or Orcinus orca, is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. A killer whale is a very large animal that can be more than fifteen feet in length upon maturity. The large dorsal fin on the whale is used to allow a whale to stabilize its movements. It can be up to six feet high for a male and four feet high for a female.

The birthing period for a killer whale can take a while. It will take sixteen months for a female to produce and give birth. After this the mother will nurse the newborn for a year.

The teeth that a killer whale has for eating fish and various marine mammals are very large. A whale can have about forty to sixty teeth with these teeth being up to three inches long and one inch in diameter. These teeth will have a great deal of food each day because a whale can eat about five percent of its weight per day. Whales use echolocation to locate their pray by sending echo waves and waiting for the sound to bounce back from the object.

Killer whales can be found foraging for food, traveling around the water and resting by slowing down in the water. All of these activities are generally done in groups. Interesting fact about killer whales is that female are the dominant figure in the pod and they usually outnumber males. Male whales average 30 years lifespan while females can live up to 80 years. Interestingly these killer moms have excellent baby sitting organization.

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Jamie wood
Jamie wood wrote:
killer whales rock.Killer whales are my favourite animals in the sea because they have kill in there names i also got a A++

Jamie wood wrote:
killer whales rock.Killer whales are my favourite animals in the sea because they have kill in there names

Jamie wood at 12:50PM, Jul 3rd 2014.
Jamie wood
killer whales rock.Killer whales are my favourite animals in the sea because they have kill in there names
Jamie wood at 12:47PM, Jul 3rd 2014.
Killer Whales, are my favorite water animal, I clicked on the photo, then it came to this web site. Killer whales are beautiful, sad part is fishers think the oppisite and go with the money. :'( I hope people think killer whales are awesome to. By the way, human thought killer whales eat human, they don't they eat sea creatures and then thats when I think they got the name orca, I like it better the killer whales. :D
lexy at 05:41PM, Jan 9th 2013.
jahsym_DoPe Boii
@ bill you is dump is hell
jahsym_DoPe Boii at 03:42PM, May 22nd 2012.
i love the facts and got an A+ on my project than you
abelardo at 02:52PM, Apr 21st 2012.
kiara degen
I love whales
kiara degen at 03:20PM, Mar 20th 2012.
With space exploration being a multi- millon dollar industry, do you have any interst in letting me explore Uranaus?
Vixen at 02:45PM, Feb 27th 2012.
if i have sex with a whale. Will my child become a wahel?
bill at 02:44PM, Feb 27th 2012.
ok i think killer whales are the coolest whales my class is having a report and we got to pic a anamal that lives only in the water so i yeld and said i call killer whales i mean i almost screamed it out so this website had some great information
Katmain at 08:54PM, Feb 13th 2012.
Will killer whale attack humans if we appear to be near it in the water?
orca at 05:18AM, Dec 12th 2011.
Declan Barbie
can i just say that something on this page is incorrect as a killer whale is actually a species of dolphin they're called killer whales because whales are there primary prey
Declan Barbie at 03:03PM, Nov 25th 2011.
Whales wears bathing suits as well. I see whales almost everyday down at the beach. Sometimes I see a group of enviromentalists trying to push one of these whales in bathing suit back into the water saying: Come on, she is still breathing; push, push her back into the water. Eheheheh
Franky at 09:30PM, Jul 25th 2011.
Wow what a whale .jabardast.
Ganesh at 04:56AM, Jul 19th 2011.
Emily at 01:55PM, Nov 23rd 2010.
Baric | interesting facts
Killer whales can grow to be 23 to 32 feet long, almost as long as a bus.

Killer whales have 40 to 50 teeth that are up to four inches long.

The average life span of a killer whale in the wild is 50 to 80 years old.

Killer whales are found in all of the oceans of the world.
Interesting Animal Facts
Baric | interesting facts at 01:31PM, Oct 30th 2010.
Also Killer whales who move together breath in unison.
Anon at 01:59PM, Oct 14th 2010.

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