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Goats That Climb Trees

Goats can climb trees! In Morocco goats climb Argan trees to consume delicious berries which are similar to the olives. Local farmers follow these goats because fruit of the Argan tree has the nut inside which is used to make delicious cooking oil. Interesting fact (besides the climbing goats) is that Morocco goats spit or excrete these nuts, which then farmers use to make the Argan oil. However, Argan trees are close to extinction because of the tree wood harvesting. Some organizations are trying to promote Argan oil to became marketing success in order to preserve these weird trees. We all hope that these goats will continue their climbing adventures!

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Hehehe, frickin' goats are in trees can they climb jungle trees?
****** at 06:00PM, Feb 3rd 2015.

because of this i finish my project thank u
BUTTERFLY at 07:50AM, Aug 22nd 2011.
Crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy goats
crazzzzzzzzy goats climbing trees very nice
Crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy goats at 08:02PM, Dec 19th 2010.
What strange and looney ludicrous is this?! These goats are deranged and delirious..I bet the camera man flipped out to lunch when he saw this.
Cervellone at 03:39PM, Nov 24th 2010.
Ó'Dé-Gôàt!! its on dé trèê!
Cervellone at 03:16PM, Nov 24th 2010.
You weirded me out
That is weird!
You weirded me out at 06:58PM, Sep 20th 2010.
Hey guys, goats in trees is nice and all, but find a video of some that faint(although crossbreeding does'nt seem wise).Goas have good entertainment value.
Wade at 12:29AM, Sep 14th 2010.
holy ****. man their goats ... they soposed to be on the ground lol
julie at 09:25PM, Sep 13th 2010.
Gabi Belongea
what the hell. that is the most amzing thing i have ever seen. how do they even get up there. can they climb bigger trees?
Gabi Belongea at 10:11AM, Jul 2nd 2010.
Smart goats!! Who says goats are not supposed to be able to climb trees? It looks strange though, especially if you've never seen it before. at 12:49PM, Jun 29th 2010.
I wish I had a climbing goat for a pet that'd be amazing to own one Id be the coolest person in my town for having a climbing goat. :D
Bridget at 09:12AM, May 27th 2010.
Then all these goats come by and join the party.
M-nay at 12:50PM, May 11th 2010.
I can imagine the weird convo with his friends:

Climbing Goat: Hey guys I'm super hungry.
Other Goats: Wait for the farmer, he'll come by noon.
Climbing Goat: Screw that, I'm gonna climb that tree.
Other Goats: What? You crazy!
Climbing Goat: No, I'm F@cking hungry!
OG: U'll die!!
CG: Well, that's a chance I'm willing to take.
M-nay at 12:49PM, May 11th 2010.
Shannon Long
That is crazy!
Shannon Long at 08:39PM, Jun 15th 2009.
Squiggly Meyers
thats aweshome!
Squiggly Meyers at 01:25AM, Jun 4th 2009.
mabye there monkey goats
dave at 11:59AM, Mar 6th 2009.
i want a goat just so i can see this in person
tristamouse at 01:00PM, Jan 18th 2009.
baby kit
my goat does this..
its actually quite a phenomenon
baby kit at 09:40AM, Dec 1st 2008.
thos r some wacko goats
nicole at 05:58PM, Oct 24th 2008.
these are not goats.
these are monkeys
jindhu at 01:16AM, Aug 29th 2008.
Crazy goats :-)
Avram at 03:42AM, Aug 19th 2008.

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