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Farting Contest

In ancient Japan, public contests were held to see who in a town could fart the loudest and longest. Winners were awarded many prizes and received great recognition.

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hahahaha what a competition!!!!
Ayathei at 11:03AM, Jan 13th 2015.
michel brown
Thanks to you guys and girls from Japan for all the laughs as life is full of upsets and with your funny shirt it’s all worth while.Laughing is really best for mind.We love you all Japan.
michel brown at 02:12AM, Mar 5th 2012.
theo at 03:12AM, Jul 28th 2011.
pie mceater
Wow, if you crap yourslef are you out?
pie mceater at 10:17AM, Feb 22nd 2011.
fart on!!!!!
stupid at 11:54AM, Apr 19th 2010.
i spelt bloe wrong

im really stupid so fart your way to the moon
my real name is !@#$%&*

sorry we are experancing tecnal difacltys
bob at 11:53AM, Apr 19th 2010.
every body dance now party with your pants down

thank u canada
im randow and mental
bob at 11:51AM, Apr 19th 2010.
i am using this for my project
bob at 11:45AM, Apr 19th 2010.
Funniest thing in the world..
Koba at 12:05AM, Sep 1st 2009.
mike scott
thanks to you guys and girls from japan for all the laughs as life is full of upsets and with your funny shit its all worth while.dan the boomer and lord michael p scott esquire canada.we love you all japan and paul f little the usa.
mike scott at 05:42AM, Aug 1st 2009.
mike scott
the only problem was mike scott stood up to the farting post with 60 thousand people watching,he was straining but alas he shit his pants and lost the contest to dan the boomer.
mike scott at 05:34AM, Aug 1st 2009.
mike scott
these guys are nothing compared to dan the boomer from england and lord michael scott from canada who beat dan the boomer with a triple flutter blast with a follow up flooper.
mike scott at 05:27AM, Aug 1st 2009.
mike scott
give me a tripple flutter blast with a follow up flopper.
mike scott at 05:20AM, Aug 1st 2009.
I'm also using this haha good ol soc. studies project...damned thing is do next period hah
Xavier at 10:36AM, Feb 17th 2009.
I m using it for my socials projects too!!!! XDXDXD
LOL at 12:07PM, Feb 10th 2009.
LMAAAOOO im gonna use this for my socials project HAHAHA
Ena at 04:17PM, Nov 3rd 2008.
john doe
studest contest ever.
john doe at 01:08PM, Sep 5th 2008.
Thats brilliant, Its a good drinking game to, fart the quietest and you drink, poo your pants and buy a round
Chris at 11:43PM, Jul 20th 2008.
Haha that is hilarious!! farting competitions!!!!! wow people these days!
... at 07:32PM, Mar 5th 2008.

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