Worm Penis Fight

Penis fight, also referred as penis fencing, is basically a mating activity performed by certain species of flatworm, for example Pseudobiceros hancockanus. These flatworms are mainly hermaphrodites, i.e. a species not having a specific sex. Each individual flatworm features two penises which are white and pointed. Being hermaphrodites, each individual possesses both – ovaries to produce eggs and testes to produce sperms. To perform the act of mating through penis fencing, each of the two flatworms attacks the other with its pair of sharp penises that feature the shape of a two-headed dagger. The process involves an aggressive battle during which both the flatworms try to pierce the other one’s skin with one of their penises. The defeated one is inseminated by the winner organism, which moves away from the brutal one night stand scotch free. The skin of the loser organism absorbs the sperm through pores of skin, thereby resulting in fertilization and then child bearing. The act of Penis Fencing is the strangest feature surrounding flatworms. Just because these are born as hermaphrodites that feature both male and female parts, certain genus of flatworms must get involved in an activity to decide on roles as male and female. The act of penis fencing is necessary for child bearing so as to continue with the species. However, the process demands a substantial amount of time and energy from both the organisms involved, more commonly the mother. None of the organism, therefore, desires to play the female part just for the reason that pregnancy is very strenuous on their body.

Fighting a worm penis can be very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t have the proper knowledge to defeat it. There are several methods on how to do this, all of which have varying degrees of success. In order to get rid of your warts, you will need to use one method or another. Some people claim that the application of salicylic acid is the best way to do it, but there are others who say that hydrogen peroxide is a much better option. It’s a lot of work to kill off those nasty growths, but if you use the proper tools and follow the proper instructions, it shouldn’t take much longer than a couple weeks to achieve your desired results.


When it comes to fighting a worm penis, you will also need to make sure that you take a few precautions before and during your treatment regimen. First of all, be sure that you wash your genital area after using the hydrogen peroxide so as to prevent any irritation or further infection from occurring. Be sure to wear underwear and protect your genital area with rubber gloves at all times when treating yourself.


Another method that you can use in your worm penis fight against these nasty growths involves taking a warm shower. Washing the infected area with an anti-bacterial soap or liquid will help loosen the warts so they can be more easily removed. You can then either use a nitrate cream or an anti-viral cream to kill the infection. These creams should be used every other day or so until the warts are gone, and you no longer feel the pain from your treatment. As a final note, it’s important to keep a bottle of vinegar near you as it also contains some anti-fungal properties that can help with your fight against these nasty growths.

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