6 Tips For A Better Night Routine

best night routine

Sleep disorders are one of the prevalent health conditions most people experience in their lifetimes. According to statistics, around seventy million adults experience some form of sleep disorder in the USA. Insomnia is a common sleep disorders bothering people of all ages. Especially these days, since everyone has a smartphone or a tablet that emits blue light and affects sleep quality during bedtime. Thus, you must have an efficient night routine for a better quality of sleep every day. If you are planning a night routine, here are the top six tips to help you do so.


Have a Non-Caffeinated Bedtime Tea

Having a heavy meal or consuming tea right before bedtime may cause digestion issues like acid reflux and prevent you from falling asleep. So, it’s better to avoid doing so. However, going to bed hungry will also not help you in falling asleep either. You can indulge in a very light snack before bedtime or even better if you consume a non-caffeinated tea like chamomile tea.

You can also add a great tasting CBD tincture for sleep to your chamomile tea or drink it separately to fall asleep quickly. Chamomile tea and CBD have potent calming properties and may help you fall asleep within a few minutes. There are several high-quality CBD products designed to help users with insomnia and anxiety.


Decide on a Fixed Bedtime

The human body functions according to the habits you cultivate. Habitual behavior is the reason we feel the impulse to do something during specific times and situations. Sleeping is no different, so you must decide on a fixed bedtime and stick to it. Usually, the brain feels tired and receives a signal before a few hours of your bedtime, and thus you feel sleepy.

That way, your body and brain shift into a relaxed state of mind, ultimately falling asleep. Thus, it’s vital to have a fixed bedtime so your brain can feel tired from the day and help you fall asleep. So, decide on bedtime and begin your night routine before that time so you can relax and fall asleep around the chosen time every day.

Ditch the Electronic Devices

As much as we love to use our electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets all day, even while (read especially) in the washrooms, it’s better to ditch them a couple of hours before bedtime. One of the strong reasons for doing so is that they keep you awake, both literally and scientifically.

All electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions emit blue light that makes your brain think it is daytime. That way, the blue light restricts melatonin production and keeps you awake for longer durations. Experts suggest that you must stay away from such light-emitting devices at least a couple of hours before bedtime. So, it may be time to bid goodbye to the habit of binge-watching your favorite shows before sleep.


Take a Warm Bath

Yes, a warm bath an hour before bedtime can help you fall asleep and maintain a fixed sleep-wake cycle. The human body undergoes several hormonal changes throughout the day, and melatonin production is one of them that begins in the evening. During the production of melatonin, the core temperature of the body drops to an extent.

So, by further mimicking the temperature drop through warm showers, you improve your chances of feeling tired and sleepy. Your body temperature rises because of the warm water and cools down as the water evaporates. So, include a warm bath before an hour of bedtime in your night routine and sleep peacefully.

Mindful Meditation

Practicing meditation is not just beneficial for your sleep cycle but overall wellbeing. It’s essential to train and keep your mind focussed and aware. What’s the best way to do so than good old mindful meditation. Let’s talk about the benefits of meditation for sleep. It may help you alleviate the stress of insomnia and enable sleep onset instead. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, mindful meditation is a process that allows you to allow emotions to and acknowledging thoughts running in one’s head. Through regular mindful meditation, you can train your brain to relax and fall asleep whenever you want.


Avoid Doing Things That Refrain You From Falling Asleep

Sometimes the only person disturbing your sleep schedule can be you. Yes, you may be doing things during evening and bedtime routines that refrain you from falling asleep. Things like using mobile phones, consuming too much alcohol, or eating heavy meals right before bed are all things that trigger inconvenience, refraining you from falling asleep.

If you really can’t get done without your favorite TV show, watch it on television. Televisions are usually far away from your eyes, and the blue light may not affect that much of a smartphone that is a few inches away from your eyes. Moreover, you can’t scroll Instagram on your television, so you’ll probably switch it off right after your show.

Final Thoughts

Those were the top six tips for a better night routine. Remember, it’s crucial to eliminate stress and anxiety if you want to sleep better without any interruption. The thought of not being able to sleep creates tension, and it becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to escape. Make sure to properly plan your night routine and train your brain accordingly by following the pattern every day.

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