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Interesting Facts About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born 18 July in the year 1918. He was named Rolihlahla and got the name Mandela from his grandfather. The name Nelson was given to him by his teacher Miss Mdingane. He was born in Mveso, Umtata in the Cape Province.  TBH, Nelson Mandela was and is a true hero to the people. 

After the death of his father he was looked after by his relative. He became the first child of Mandela family to get education. He was an intelligent child and completed the Junior certificate in two years instead of three. Nelson took admission in the University of Fort Hare to do Bachelor’s in Arts but was soon suspended as he joined in the protest boycott. He accomplished his graduation through correspondence from the University of South Africa.

Mandela was a bright student and while in prison he studied and passed Bachelor’s degree of Law from the University of London External Program and in 1952 he along with Tambo started the first legal firm for the black in South Africa. In 1956 he was arrested for a deceit with 150 more blacks but they managed to elope in 1961; to escape arrest he disguised in different forms. Though a tough believer of non violence he formed MK guerrilla force to fight against apartheid. He was finally sent to prison in 1962 and was imprisoned for 27 long years and was released in 1990.

Nelson Mandela President

In 1994 he was elected the first South African president elected in the complete democratic elections. A simple president was well known for wearing Madiba shirts (batik painted). He was 75 when he was elected the president, the first oldest president. Mandela has almost 250 prizes to his name. Some of them being Nobel Peace Prize, honorary Canadian citizen, Lenin Peace Prize and many others. His degrees are from the renowned Universities which are more than fifty from all around the world.

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The facts on how Nelson Mandela helped fight for the right to equality in South Africa are relevant to his legacy. The fact that he became a strong advocate for ending racism and supporting civil rights is a great part of his legacy. It is also the reason why his views are widely respected and supported by many people.

The main fact about Mandela being an advocate for equality and supporting civil rights has to do with his activism. In order to get justice, one has to get organized. One of the reasons why Mandela did not directly help the black people is because of his involvement with civil rights causes. The government of South Africa is the only political body in the country that does not agree with the importance of social movements and non-violent protests. Mandela’s impact went far beyond just South Africa, and people to this day study him in Asia, Australia, Boston, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Scotland, France, China, and elsewhere.

Another fact about this famous person is that he fought for more than half a century before he was able to help the black community. It took Mandela so long to be able to make people aware that the only way to get freedom from injustice was to stand up for what you believe in. This fact gave him the courage to fight for his cause.

President Barack Obama has come under fire from some Republicans for getting involved in the world stage through diplomacy. While many have criticized the actions of President Obama, there are others who are very supportive of him. There are many people who say that President Obama has been too defensive and the media has helped him out by painting the wrong picture. Mandela may have had some things to say in the past, but in the end, the only one who benefited from his activism was himself.

His political views are common in Africa. He did not want racial discrimination in the USA. He felt that the US should not interfere with other countries. Those views are not very popular in today’s world. It seems like racism is far more accepted in this country than it used to be.

It is important to remember that Mandela was not asked about his views about the US in his many years of activism. He was asked when he was put in prison and when he first realized that he had been placed there by the regime. As a result, he was a bit defensive. He was simply stating the facts as he knew them at the time.

Some of the basic facts that Mandela had to face at the time were that the government wanted to promote a white minority in the country. They wanted all blacks to leave the country. During this time, the government could not stop the white minority from having more opportunities than others, so they were trying to put a stop to that.

Also, he had to deal with opposition groups that were using violent tactics against him. He was a member of the African National Congress (ANC), which was a civil rights organization. The ANC wanted to bring the country into the 21st century. At this time, South Africa was trying to modernize, so Mandela was getting people interested in his causes.

A third important fact that people should consider is that he took advantage of his contacts. He was asked about his views and he quickly responded that he was in favor of the efforts of the country to modernize. He was well aware of the human rights that existed in the country. He was helping those who had the hardest time in the country.

He was also well aware of the fact that the South African government was not doing a good job in defending the rights of the citizens. After a while, it became clear that the only way to win this fight was to try to have the government to implement policies that would improve the lives of the citizens. Mandela then became a force that could help that cause.

Of course, most people will remember Mandela as the one who was assassinated, but he was also an outspoken opponent of the apartheid regime. He stood up to the government and the ruling elite and made the South African people aware of the fact that the government was not doing enough to help the citizens. deal with poverty and unemployment. He also made the country aware of the fact that if the regime continued, there would be no way to achieve political and economic reform.

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