Firefox Facts

All over the world, the net users are familiar with Mozilla Firefox, a free and open source web browser. It came from Mozilla Application Suite managed by Mozilla Corporation, formed originally by Netscape Communications (AOL Corporation). In the beginning the company faced financial problems but soon the problem got resolved through donations and deals with Google and other search engines. Once Mozilla was established they decided to split the foundation in two. One is the Mozilla Foundation dealing with non-profit organization (donations from Firefox community) and other is Mozilla Corporation dealing with profits from search engines. In 2010, Mozilla’s revenue was $123 million, with $103 million that came from Google (to be default search in Firefox). Till date Firefox is the second most used web browser with 30% of usage share of web browsers. In 2008 Firefox made a Guinness Record of more than eight million downloads of the Firefox 3 version on the same day when it was released. People worldwide accepted the Firefox 12.0 version and waits for more to come. The project had to change its names many times due to trademark issues, birth name being ‘Phoenix’ was changed to ‘Firebird’ but finally on February 9, 2004 it was renamed to ‘Mozilla Firefox’. Firefox is number one choice for web developers because of its powerful extension directory and debug capabilities.

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  2. I use Firefox a lot! On school at home. It has the best add-on technology ever. I highly reccomend firefox to all net users.

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