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Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Johnny Campbell was the first to cheer the football team in 1898 in Princeton. Cheerleading is almost 100 years old when most of the cheerleaders were men.  Now 98% of cheerleaders are females. The estimates tell that around the world there are more than 4 million cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders are generally in the age group of 5 to 13 years. Most of the cheerleaders are gymnasts and 12% are dancers. In US 80% schools have cheerleading squads. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders is the most famous squad, and the Laker Girls are very famous as well with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Football is most popular sport for cheerleading.  Cheerleading is no doubt a dangerous sport as it involves injuries like broken bones, busted lips and serious injuries.  Many people are curious about how much Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and other cheerleaders make?

Folks often wonder if cheerleading is an actual sport.  That is for each person to decide, as there are many rather obscure sports out there such as underwater hockey and curling.  

Though cheerleading is to rouse the interest of match watchers, cheerleading in itself is a competitive sport. The competitive cheerleader must be a high level gymnast as she is to perform without any safeguards.

is cheerleading a sport
cheerleading facts


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is cheerleading a sport

How Much Do NFL Cheerleaders Make?

There have been lawsuits related to cheerleading pay not only related to the NFL but ale the NBA. Various sources surmise that NFL cheerleaders make between $75 to $150 per game. More information on this issue is found here.

Whether you view cheerleading for a sport or a student activity, it is still one of the most popular across the usa and around the world. Now you know how cheerleading began, lets look at the way that it is today. Cheerleading is in a unique category, because in most instances it is not regarded as a sport. Surprisingly, it has evolved tremendously over the years especially when it comes to cheerleading uniforms. All-star cheerleading is a fairly young sport, but it’s gaining popularity at a quick pace. Something that is somewhat new to all-star cheerleading is the usage of props.

Cheerleading ought to be included. It attracts elementary, high school and college men and women across the United States. If cheerleading used to be only regarded as a support group to the major sport, cheerleading today has turned into one of the main sporting events which people anticipate.

Cheerleaders are available on the sidelines of basketball games also, and a few schools even have cheerleaders or pep clubs for different sports. Thus, the initial cheerleaders were men. When the Cowboys cheerleaders began, nobody knew they’d grow to be a sensation. They now participate in much more than football. Cheerleaders today are frequently very athletic.

Each year millions of dollars are spent by teams, coaches, and sport clubs to improve their cheerleading skills. The National Cheerleading Association is usually the organization to watch when deciding which cheerleading program is the best fit for the athletes. The NCAA awards specific awards to different cheerleading programs. An award for the best cheerleading team at the season’s national championships is awarded to every participant.

Cheerleading is played by women, boys, and girls. The number of players has decreased as more people have seen what it can do for a team, and it’s no wonder why there is an increased interest in cheerleading to watch. They have also used the exercise as a way to improve athletic performance, and have some studies show that it can benefit people in the following areas:

Games are played for recreation and entertainment. It’s not only competitive at the moment but rather everyone can enjoy it. Each cheerleading team has its own head coach, and each cheerleader coach. Each cheerleader can and should teach techniques that are different from others.

The competition play can get very competitive. The cheerleaders are the players who can yell and scream at the top of their lungs. They need to be able to move quickly and perform stunts. Cheerleaders should be up to a certain age, so that the risk of injury is reduced. All team members must be 18 years of age and older.

When the Dallas Cowboys played the Dallas Mavericks at the Mavericks’ home, the entire stands cheered for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to win the championship game. The team doesn’t have any cheerleaders, but they have the support of the fans. This show of support isn’t found just at the Mavericks’ home but at many sports events as well.

Because the Dallas Cowboys is the biggest football team in the world and has been to two Super Bowls, they get first pick in any games. The cheerleaders’ job is to throw cheerleading supplies at the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to cheer on the team. Their fans give the cheerleaders head hugs during the game.

The best thing about the sport is that there is a wide variety of different sizes and styles. There are some girls, girls who look a little smaller, and girls who look a little bigger. Each cheerleader is responsible for a few different routines. All of them know that they have to perform at a higher level than the other competitors.

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    1. Dave,
      I strongly disagree like most others below but something I do believe is you need to leave (:
      Ariana (a cheerleader)

    2. The Women’s Sports Foundation lists these requirements for being a sport.
      Propelling a mass of some sort through the air.
      Competing against an opponent.
      Needs to have time, space, and judging requirements
      Competitive cheerleading has all of these things.

  1. Omg, I’d like to see a football player try to do half of the stuff we do! Splits, hitch kicks, they wouldn’t last one minute!

    1. And a full-up power press up to a heel stretch then turn and have the flyer do a scale. And how about, for tumbling, do a round off double back handspring full. And I would love to see those toe touches, right, and left jumps. And how about how tight their dance would be.

      -A Cheerleader

  2. omg I wud like to see a cheerleader go through 2 a days. they wouldn’t last a sec. I wud like to see a cheerleader go against a 6’5 320 pound offense of tackle every play they are out there and actually beat em everytime… they wouldn’t even stand a chance… I would love to see a cheerleader get hit full sprint by a linebacker and pop back up. Oh I wud love to see a cheerleader play football…

  3. I’d like to see everyone respect competitors in all areas. It takes a apecial person to develop a skill and perform it to the best of their ability. Life is much sweeter when one appreciates others rather than belitlles them to make themselves feel better or more superior. Speaking as collegiate all American I truly believe it is more special to respect others abilities than to be the best at tour own. Some of the toughest competitors are at the top of their game because they respect the abilities of others. I would also hate to live in a world were there was only one activity. Talk about Boring.

  4. All you have to do to be a football player is run a ball or be fat to knock people over. To be a cheerleader especially in competition you have 2:30 to do as many flips and stunts as you can to prove your agility. I as a cheerleader know that we can do more than a football player. We throw girls many feet into the air as they are constantly spinning. Not just that, but we tumble too. I would love to see you do 10 backflips in a row. Or how about a double twisting flip… didn’t think so. We have two a days in cheer too. And don’t get me started on how dangerous it is. Imagine being thrown into the air and if anything goes wrong landing on the ground. No pads. No helmets. Nothing. But we push through it. I’ve broken 5 bones because of this sport, one of them I waited a year to treat because I have the strength to be able to do that and the dedication to my team. Football is a joke compared to cheerleading. Let’s see you try it.

  5. I’m a football player and I take dance class… I’m not gay either… I’ve taken ballet classes I’ve done kicks and I can do the splits and sure its hard and everything at times but me having experience in both fields I can say hands down football is way easier then doing pli’es, releves and kicks for a routine. So yes cheerleading is hard but football will outsport cheerleading by a landslide.

  6. i am a cheerleader, and let me say it is harder than it looks. I know a male cheerleader he isn’t gay but people still pick on him.

  7. I can’t believe that cheerleading is over 100 years old! It surprises me that 98% of cheerleaders are female, considering professional and competitive cheerleading often need men who can do the difficult lifts and stunts that require a signigicant amount of strength that women just don’t have. It is obvious that cheerleading is a real sport when you think about all the time, energy, strength, skill, and intelligence that goes into it.

  8. For every sport, it takes time to master. Football and Cheerleading, two different sports. It takes the same amount of dedication and hard work. I’m a 4 year varsity cheerleader, and it took time to get to where I’m at. Guys probably can’t do stunts , splits, and high kicks like us cheerleaders do. The same as cheerleaders wouldn’t last playing defense or beating a 200 lb dude. Whatever the case is, in all sports it takes hard work in a different way. Instead of fighting of what sport is harder, get out there and be the BEST cheerleader or BEST football player !!

  9. Cheerleading & football are both tough sports. They both require a lot of skill, agility, strength, determination, motivation, and power. Let’s not fight about which is or isnt a sport or which is tougher. Both require different skill set. I Have been a competitive cheerleader for 8 years now, and I love it. It’s all I do now, but I used to play about every sport in the book. It’s tough as ****, and like football, requires TONS of conditioning. This weekend I’m going to Nashville to compete in a very important competition and I can’t wait to perfor mwith my level 4 and levbel 5 teams. So lets get out there and do our best !

    I have been a cheerleader ever since I was in second grade, so every since I was 6 and I was doing gymnastics and dancing at the age 3. I have gotten hurt so many times I have had to stay in the hospital for 2 years. I also play tennis, soccer, and football. Those sports are also dangerous but I would have to say the cheerleading is the most dangerous. My team has lost a player because of a flipping accident. I am now 13 and I play many sports but cheerleading is a sport. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

  11. I hate cheerleaders coz cheering doesn’t means that v r gonna win the game its useless n if being it, is so difficult…so,drop it down…

  12. i love cheerleading no matter what!!! even if i break a bone or even get injured really bad… cheerleadig is a really hard sport but also the best!

  13. i Wrestle- two time state qualifier for jackson in missouri took fifth in state. i pole vault ive gotten thirteen eight in two years of practicing and i do jui jitsu won my first tournement. used to play football but quit because of all the drugs that they used its gotten better now though. but ive done two a days my whole life for all be able to wrestle and cheer helps so much the flexibility involved to help prevent injuries. some of my best friends are amazing football players. they beat me with pads but im goin to college to cheer and do rugby id love to see you football players take those pads off and show how much of a real man you are when your running down that field in your maxipads just remember your not alone on your training.

  14. Cheerleading is a sport and you have no right to say its not. We compete, just like other sports do. We condition, just like other sports. We have early morning practices, late practices, long practices, etc. Just like any other team. Cheerleaders are there to support the other teams playing but instead you refuse to accept our encouragement.

  15. Cheerleading is a SPORT Ya’ll dont know what your talking about when it comes to cheerleading. Cheeleading is one of the best sports ever invented. I did cheer for 2 years and i have learned so much within 2 years and it is so much fun.

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