Why Poop Sometimes Floats?

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You might be left wondering why does poop sometimes float and on other times, you are able to effortlessly flush it away. The main reason behind this is the gas content that it contains that makes it have a lower density when compared to water. Anything with a lower density will be able to float on water and that is exactly what happens in this instance. The reason that this only happens sometimes is that most of the time, any gas in the stomach or digestive tract, gets dispensed in the form of gas. However, if this does not happen then the only way that it can happen is by means of the gas escaping in the form of it being within the poop. At the same time, there will be instances when your diet and what you have eaten will make a difference. There are certain sections of food that take longer to digest and therefore go on to create more gas. Also, there are some diseases that make poop more gaseous and float. The bottom line therefore is that more gas you have in your gut, the lighter is your poop going to be and more likely to float.

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  2. Poop (feces or stool) floats because of an increased content of gas or water (or both).

    This question was addressed in a prestigious medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine (May 4, 1972) by Dr. Michael Levitt from the University of Minnesota, who is an authority on intestinal “gas.”

    To float, stools must contain gas. Whether the stool is a “floater” or a “sinker” depends upon differences in gas rather than fat content. A high stool gas content (and hence a floating stool) is related to gas (methane) content.

    Thus, stools float because of an increased content of gas or water (or both). There is nothing wrong with “floaters.”

  3. Poop that floats are getting ready to ascend to heaven and the ones that sink are heading to hell – so which way are you headed???

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