Drinking Sea Water

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There is no denial to the fact that human beings require fresh water to stay alive. It helps in the digestion of food and regulating other body functions. Alain Bombard brought the fact to the people that one can survive on sea water too but it has to be taken in small amounts i.e. Not more than 32 oz a day. So, in theory we can slowly ‘teach’ our body to accept small amounts of sea water, but intake of much sea water makes a person sick as it has salts in it which might cause dehydration and even death. The sea water tends to pull the water existing in body cells making them loose. Drinking sea water is unsafe as it carries bacteria which can make a person ill and secondly the salt content is too high for human body to digest and survive. Sea water also affects the kidneys resulting in its failure. Fresh water helps regulate the temperature of the body and improves physical conditions too.

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