Curling Sport Without Judges

curling sport

What Is Curling?

Curling is an Olympic sport founded by Scots in the 1540’s. Curling is played on ice by two teams of four players each, using heavy stones which they slide down the ice towards a target area.

Curling Sport

It was brought to North America by Scottish immigrants and since it is played in the cold, founded by Scots surely back then alcohol was a regular part of playing. Interesting fact is that there are no judges in the Curling competition.

Curling now has a very popular and prominent place in the Olympics.  Curling is part of the Winter Olympics and last held competitions at the 2018 Olympic Games.  

Many folks stand behind the idea that Curling is the most popular Olympic sport and the fastest growing sport in the world.  


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curling sport
curling sport
curling sport

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