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Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University proposed that there are several types of intelligence: naturalist, logical, mathematical, musical, interpersonal, spatial or linguistic (many theories include eight or even nine types). The type of intelligence differs in everyone and is largely a natural phenomenon. Naturalists can easily find the difference between natural things like clouds, animals, plants, etc. Whereas mathematically intelligent people are quick at calculations, propositions and hypotheses. Musically intelligent persons are able to discern rhythm, tone or pitch and can identify sounds which a normal human being might easily miss. Those with spatial intelligence have a unique quality of thinking in pictures. On the other hand linguistically intelligent ones use words for imaginative activities.

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Kalob Timmons
i love this site
Kalob Timmons at 04:47PM, Aug 21st 2013.
I spelled dissected wrong sorry
kysen at 05:58PM, May 18th 2011.
how do they know all this stuff they must have disected it while it was still working
kysen at 07:30PM, Nov 9th 2010.
iSean wrote: #
Not to sound arrogant, but this seems so obvious and intuitive to me. Why is it that it takes a professor from Harvard to tell me that people think are more intelligent in different ways?

This is because scientists actually say a lot more than just what is written at the top of this page. If you read their papers, you will find that while you may have known the outcome, you had no idea of how it actually happened. That is the essence of science. For exaple, it is obvious that you get sunburn if you stay in the sun for too long, but without scientists figuring out why this happens, we wouldn't have suncream or know much about skin cancer. So while you may know that we are intelligent in different ways, I'm sure the details are just a little bit more complex than that; and touch on more scientific areas than mere common sense.
rafterman at 01:01PM, Sep 7th 2010.
I like you...
jeffypoo at 10:18AM, May 30th 2010.
:)i like smiling
freud at 08:32AM, May 17th 2010.
this is interesting
FeZaL at 03:48AM, May 9th 2010.
"It amazes me to think of how wonderful the brain is..." this is quite the paradox of all quotes would you agree? It seems that we all have a longing for understanding what makes us prudent in doing so... but to look further one will eventually arrive at a point where certainty will only be self-justifying and no longer adequate in understanding such gander and phenomenon of life and it premises. To make one think and realize how small we are in this vastness of existence is the greatest of all gifts when it leads to one going and trying to capture that sense of amazement.
CArthurLane at 11:43PM, Apr 3rd 2010.
Tell me what is time....nobady knows what is that???
And substances?
Mark at 08:31AM, Jan 26th 2010.
Not to sound arrogant, but this seems so obvious and intuitive to me. Why is it that it takes a professor from Harvard to tell me that people think are more intelligent in different ways?
iSean at 02:51PM, Jan 2nd 2010.
Given a proper education, it's not impossible for one to excel in each of the aforementioned arenas. Polyhistors must come from some where. :oD
I think the best bang for your education buck comes from imparting lessons with synergistic exercises.
Travis at 05:46AM, Oct 19th 2009.
I also enjoy studying about the human and brain and human biolgy, yet i find that i posses a few of these different intelligencesl; I am very linguistic and logical but also mathematical and musical =]
Valen at 08:19AM, Oct 2nd 2009.
This is intriguing to me because i love studying and reading things about the brain. It amazes me to see all of the things they are finding out about the brain now regarding how it works and why it does certain things.
Crystal at 08:23PM, Sep 1st 2009.

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