Facts About Korean War

korean war facts

Korean War Facts

The Korean War took place within the period of 25th June, 1950 and 27th July, 1953.  The battling parties included North Korea, with Chinese assistance about halfway through, and South Korea along with the United Nations.  The subject of the battle was communism.

korean war facts

Over 3 million lives were lost.  However, the war prevented communism to enter the boundaries of South Korea.  It marked the beginning of the infamous Cold War.  It is often referred to as “The Forgotten War”, because of its occurrence which was just after World War 2, and just prior to the Vietnam War.  Interesting fact is that there was a first major use of jet powered aircraft in Korean War.

Who Won The Korean War?

This is a very interesting question.  Was there a winner?  Perhaps the real winner was the Military Industrial Complex.  The MIC was able to scare the world into thinking big, bad and dangerous communism was going to overthrow all free nations.  This of course necessitated the spending of trillions of dollars on military equipment and campaigns.

The Korean War ushered in the Cold War which included the Vietnam War, but what has been accomplished?  Millions of lives are gone forever and trillions of dollars spent on the Military Industrial Complex and politic interests.  So again, you tell us who won the Korean War??????


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  1. I am a Korean and I am glad that canadians know about this war,
    and they actually helped us!
    I am from South Korea, which is the side Canada helped!
    I am always thankful to canada.

  2. buttt canadaa didntt helpp were i livee!
    so wateverss idgaf!:)
    so yeahhh justtt ughh!
    man your not even worth fightinggg withh soo byeee!

    p.s. ilove you katherinee

  3. im doing a research paper on the korean war and i was halfway done with it when i found out my grandfather was IN it and he survived….i was so furious!!!!!!

  4. In the video at the 12 sec. mark the little gut on the left looks like my Dad, does anyone know who that is?

  5. My father was in the Korean War. He was shot in the forehead and captured at the age of 17. He was a POW for a little over three years when the swap was done. During those 3 years his mother and the rest of his family had no idea if he was dead or alive. He never talked about it much and passed away in October of 2009 of Dementia. There was talk by some of his doctors that his dementia was a result from the gun shot wound to the head. I am now on a mission to learn as much as I can about this war and do some research and possibly some writings. I would be interested in any FACTS about this war.

  6. Why do people have to fight? Can’t we just all get along and get over our arguments without passing a bullet? Where’s your humanity?Oh wait. I forget. War has become humanity. Why war?! Because these days, the winner always has to feel accomplished; Even if it means killing over 1,187,682 people.

  7. this information was short however it did help a little, but not much so don’t get your hops up just because im a lemon gypsy

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