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J.D. Salinger Facts

J.D. Salinger, short for Jerome David Salinger, a famous American novelist and short story writer, was born in 1919 in a prosperous Jewish family. Salinger completed his early schools and was then sent to Valley Forge Military Academy from 1934-1936. While he was attending NYU and Columbia University, he started submitting short stories for publication. His stories were usually published in various periodicals like Saturday Evening Post and Story. However, after being rejected many times, Salinger got the first chance to get his story published with the New Yorker in 1948 and he wrote for the publication till 1965. Salinger has written numerous interesting and popular stories, the most popular one being his novel 'The Catcher in the Rye (1951)'.

Some interesting facts from Salinger's life:

- Salinger's book 'The Cather in the Rye' talks about troubled teenager after he has been expelled from school. 'The Catcher in the Rye' was a censored book and also, on the contrary, among the most taught books of the 20th century.

- John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman had copy with him when he assassinated John Lennon.

- When book became bestseller Salinger retired to his cabin in the woods separated from the rest of the world. There he spent most of his life. He died January 27, 2010 at the age of 91. He never published another book, but he continued writing for his own pleasure.

- Salinger had left Austria just one month prior to when the country fell under Hitler's rule. However, his father had always wanted to join him as a meat importer for which he had sent Salinger to Austria.

- Salinger had also served the country army during World War II and was one of the first American soldiers who had entered a liberated concentration camp.

- Salinger has been, many a times, changing to a Zen Buddhist, to a Christian Scientist, and to a Scientologist.

- Was married, but extremely controlling forcing his wife and kids to live in solitude, separated from humanity and civilization.

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Shane Brett
i love this guy, hes attractive & hot
Shane Brett at 10:27AM, Apr 28th 2014.
good book you could guess the plot tho tbf xxx
Em at 01:23PM, Nov 14th 2013.
lane garland
This was a good book though.
lane garland at 09:39AM, Nov 7th 2013.
lane garland
lane garland at 09:24AM, Nov 7th 2013.
lane garland
This be cray
lane garland at 09:24AM, Nov 7th 2013.
Ralph Hutchinson
I met and talked to Mr. Salinger and his wife along the roadside in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during the early nineties. He was very forthcoming with me in a short discussion about his famous novel and what he thought about the story compared to his other stories.
As I was hitch hiking with my guitar in hand I walked to a road side parking area where I struck up a conversation with Mr. Salinger looking for a ride. As it turned out Mr. and Mrs. Salinger were not headed my way. Mrs. Salinger was picking some flowers so I talked more with Mr. Salinger, after I eluded to the fact that I was a man from the backwoods of New Hampshire seeking fame and fortune he told me who he was and about his book "The Cather in the Rye". He expressed to me that the book in his own opinion the story was not his best work and rather perhaps near his worst. He also told me fame was not all it's cracked up to be and advised me that I may be better off hitching free on the road than famous driving a new car. I told him that I had heard of his story but I never read it and he told me "...don't bother to read it it' not my best work." He also stated that "...a lot of people would wish to interview him as I did with this Impromptu meeting saying he did not conduct interviews about his life and frankly did not find people in general worth talking with. I told him that I enjoyed his advise and discussion with me and that I liked meeting him and his wife, whom also spoke candidly about her husbands fame and lifestyle they choose in New Hampshire.

By Ralph Hutchinson
Ralph Hutchinson at 11:35AM, Jul 12th 2013.
Holly Kembrey wrote:
I really loved this book, very interesting lol :) write more plz xxxxx

He's dead :)
kayla at 02:03PM, Feb 6th 2013.
Liz wrote:
He also wrote "Lolita" a book about falling for a teenage girl in his 50s.

No, he didn't. "Lolita" is by Vladimir Nabokov.
Sara at 11:51AM, Nov 1st 2012.
He also wrote "Lolita" a book about falling for a teenage girl in his 50s.
Liz at 03:07PM, Sep 1st 2012.
laura lee smith

Was John Lennon's assassin the only killer to have a copy of this book. I heard (in school i thought) that many well known killers had a copy of this book, not on their person, but in their domain.

thank you.
mrs smith
laura lee smith at 01:13AM, Aug 1st 2012.
Holly Kembrey
i am from priory and i want people to read, shouting out to all of them xxx
Holly Kembrey at 04:41AM, Apr 24th 2012.
Holly Kembrey
I really loved this book, very interesting lol :) write more plz xxxxx
Holly Kembrey at 04:40AM, Apr 24th 2012.
working on a english project just random facts about this dude

pickenhein 9/10th period
Taylor at 01:06PM, May 16th 2011.
Taylor at 01:05PM, May 16th 2011.

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