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On February 22, 1732 George Washington was born. George Washington was the only of all Founding Fathers to free his slaves. Marijuana was the primary crop grown by George Washington at Mount Vernon. He was the first Mason to serve as president. Washington rejected a movement among army officers to make him king of the United States. Washington is the only president who was elected unanimously.

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Will at 05:33PM, May 29th 2014.
I.T.Rockz at 02:55PM, May 13th 2014.
that is cool
I.TRockz at 02:50PM, May 13th 2014.
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gabriela at 11:06PM, Jan 22nd 2013.
DAANAYS A MONKEY at 09:29AM, Nov 27th 2012.
Tired of ignorance did he also smoke cigarettes? If so that's his problem
melinda at 03:13AM, Jul 10th 2012.
Hunter Leger
If u drnk too much you will die smoke alota weed you just feel good and in states that have legalize medical marijuana they have seen an average 9% decrease in car crash related deaths
Hunter Leger at 12:42AM, May 21st 2012.
Very informative with outstanding blogging effect.
petergavin73 at 12:36AM, Feb 28th 2012.
For all you ****s supporting the legalization of weed - please remember to stand up and take responsibility when someone you know gets killed by an impaired driver; as has exactly happened with alcohol.
dparks at 02:05PM, Feb 2nd 2012.
this arguing is so hilarious lol
mlsparty at 04:38PM, Jan 10th 2012.
Why can't you people stop fighting?
people come here looking for facts about President George Washington,
not a comment war about weed. Marijuana can help fight some types of cancer, but some doctors associate inhalation of it with other forms of cancer. Both sides are right.
God put it here for a reason, and it's a person's right to decide what they want to do with it. whether they use it as medicine, structure or material, or recreational drugs. if they are using it, arguing with them about it over the internet most likely won't make them stop.
I know you all have strong opinions on the matter, but please think before you post.
by the way, i'm only thirteen, and i seem to be one of the very few mature people on here. i also seem to be the only one who can spell properly. Why can't you people use spell check?
what-happened-to-Spell-Check? at 10:44AM, Nov 22nd 2011.
george washington
hey respect the plant. respect it!
george washington at 11:12AM, Oct 20th 2011.
12345 look who can count
michael wrote:
i think that marijuana is stupid. whoever made it is stupid.

no one made it you f****ng **** its a plant -___-
12345 look who can count at 10:19AM, Sep 6th 2011.
This is a funny argument. If your logical you can identify the real reasoning for cannabis to be illegal. 1st The government dosnt want to make it legal cause it would be nearly impossible to track all sales (the government would lose money). Also it has many, many, benefits. Not only medical use but also can be used for structural and material usage (the government would lose money). Now why is cannabis illegal, while cigarettes a perfect. Well because cigarettes arnt an all natural substance, it can get you addicted therefore they make money off of it. It causes cancer and all other types of problems. Usually heavy smokers wander off into other substances, alcohol, cocaine, (all which were legal at times). Now tell me why cannabis is illegal. Because its efficiently beneficial the the environment and society.
Marcus at 03:58PM, May 30th 2011.
everybody stop fighting
hunt at 02:19PM, May 3rd 2011.
dont worry bout it !
ya so stupid
dont worry bout it ! at 11:32AM, Mar 30th 2011.
to everybody who says that god put marujinia he did but if you noticed not everything in the world god put was good and if you noticed marjiunia is illegal and no comments i doing fine because thats now
idk at 07:54PM, Mar 3rd 2011.
Admin comment
Dear Smart Person, is known for questionable content. Regular people write whatever they feel writing. I am saying their content is not backed with modern scientific research. I hope Google will stop indexing their website.

For example lets consider this sentence on website:

Findings so far show that the regular use of marijuana or THC may play a role in cancer and problems in the respiratory, and immune systems.

That is absurd because if you visit National Cancer Institute website you will see that they use marijuana to help cancer patients:

That is U.S. National Institute of Health and they are very strict what they put on their website. European group of scientists discovered that marijuana is not just reliving symptoms of cancer but it can also help cure the disease.

Admin at 04:09AM, Feb 23rd 2011.
Smart Person
God didn't create weed either. Mankind grew weed, pot, or whatever you want to call it.

For the guy who thinks he is so great at sports and smokes weed, you are a complete ****.

Marijuana back then was grown as a soil fertilizer and not for personal uses.

If you think smoking pot has no long term effects, you are completely oblivious. Visit this website, and if you can read, you will realize the effects of smoking marijuana:

Smart Person at 07:44PM, Feb 22nd 2011.
Smart Person
God said that your body is a temple. And that you should not destroy your temple.
Smart Person at 07:35PM, Feb 22nd 2011.
y r u guys even fighting ova stupid crap like this?!
skylar at 06:12PM, Jan 25th 2011.
god made pot god made pot so he can smoke it when i smoke i think of god because he is smoking to ;) pot is my religion
420 at 10:54PM, Jan 18th 2011.
your a domb a** who eva was talkin about weed and who dose stuff like thet if it wasent for george washington we would not be where we are i love u dr.martin luther king
jenifer at 04:46PM, Jan 10th 2011.
u guys r all dumb as **** i smoke weed on the daily and im a beast at sports im about to graduate and go play ball. weed dont do nothing to u if u smoke it right..and for the damn girl whose dad is dying i bet its not from just smoking weed so chill out get ur guys facts about this **** first !
tdubz at 08:02AM, Jan 6th 2011.
mon wrote: #
why didn't he want to be prez? cam anyone here answer this for me?

He did want to be prsident. if you can read he refused to be the KING of the united states because he believed in democracy.
Kyle at 03:24AM, Dec 2nd 2010.

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