Facts About Strawberries

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Strawberry is not a fruit, it is a receptacle. California is the largest producer of strawberries with almost 20000 acres dedicated to growing the fruit. Surprisingly the entire land of the USA is considered to be fertile for growing strawberries. If consumed in the right amount this fruit can fill in almost 20% of human body\’s daily requirement for folic acid and 140% of Vitamin C. It is the only fruit with the seeds on the skin and a strawberry on an average has 200 seeds. The fruit belongs to the family of rose and has a museum situated in dedicated to it. Strawberries are considered to be a fruit of love making and flirtation. Some people believe that strawberries are symbol of Venus (Goddess of Love).



  1. Reading this comment you tell me that the strawberry is not a fruit, yet you continue to refer to it as a fruit later?? I’m confused

  2. Some israeli scientists discovered that strawberries could be used as a source of electricity but they had better test results with potatoes!

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