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Facts about Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born 18 July in the year 1918. He was named Rolihlahla and got the name Mandela from his grandfather. The name Nelson was given to him by his teacher Miss Mdingane. He was born in Mveso, Umtata in the Cape Province. After the death of his father he was looked after by his relative. He became the first child of Mandela family to get education. He was an intelligent child and completed the Junior certificate in two years instead of three. Nelson took admission in the University of Fort Hare to do Bachelor's in Arts but was soon suspended as he joined in the protest boycott. He accomplished his graduation through correspondence from the University of South Africa. Mandela was a bright student and while in prison he studied and passed Bachelor's degree of Law from the University of London External Program and in 1952 he along with Tambo started the first legal firm for the black in South Africa.

In 1956 he was arrested for a deceit with 150 more blacks but they managed to elope in 1961; to escape arrest he disguised in different forms. Though a tough believer of non violence he formed MK guerrilla force to fight against apartheid. He was finally sent to prison in 1962 and was imprisoned for 27 long years and was released in 1990.

In 1994 he was elected the first South African president elected in the complete democratic elections. A simple president was well known for wearing Madiba shirts (batik painted). He was 75 when he was elected the president, the first oldest president.

Mandela has almost 250 prizes to his name. Some of them being Nobel Peace Prize, honorary Canadian citizen, Lenin Peace Prize and many others. His degrees are from the renowned Universities which are more than fifty from all around the world.

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chirag jinjariya
He is a great man in the world i would like to say.
chirag jinjariya at 09:33AM, Jul 6th 2014.
I appreciate him
suleman at 04:29PM, Dec 29th 2013.
Rholihlahla was the name from his father. Mvezo not Mveso.
Mzi at 02:59AM, Sep 17th 2013.
Does anyone know if they have Ketchup at Subway.....I would really like to know?
jon at 05:19PM, Dec 27th 2012.
M.S.Madesh Kumar
Noting to say. One of the real hero in world......
M.S.Madesh Kumar at 02:52PM, Oct 25th 2012.
Joseph Agoro
Mandela is a hero. He stayed in prison for 27years,
suffered different forms of degradation and
humiliation but at the vindicated.
Only very few people are lucky like that in life. A living legend.
Joseph Agoro at 08:52PM, Jun 14th 2012.
Has nelson ever killed anyone?
idaresit at 12:41PM, Jun 7th 2012.
sorry mikeal
deckie at 11:05AM, Apr 27th 2012.
why all this nonesense just coment nicely
can't say anything nice dont say any thing at all
deckie at 11:04AM, Apr 27th 2012.
michal you dont no notin
deckie at 11:00AM, Apr 27th 2012.
deckie at 10:56AM, Apr 27th 2012.
Michael miller
Canadian? thought he was a african..............
Michael miller at 10:54AM, Apr 27th 2012.
gos khan
Mandela is a terrorist. He has never said sorry for all the killings that he has done. A brilliant tactician who has fooled the world that he is a saint when he is evil.
gos khan at 05:05AM, Mar 31st 2012.
mandela is a wonderful man in south Africa. he is compared to Indian freedom fighter MR.Gandhi
nilavarasan at 09:19AM, Mar 17th 2012.
Admin comment
Gerald wrote:
Mandela was elected president in '94 not '90.

Thanks. It was corrected.

Admin at 03:00AM, Mar 2nd 2012.
Suman Gupta
Very inspiring.........
Suman Gupta at 01:13AM, Feb 6th 2012.
Mandela was in prison for 25 years...
Gerald at 01:29AM, Jan 4th 2012.
kailash at 01:43PM, Nov 29th 2011.
suresh nalluri
Mandela was elected as a President for South Africa the year of 1994. Not 1990. He elected as a President from 1994-1999. Please correction that.
suresh nalluri at 01:17AM, Oct 22nd 2011.
Mandela was elected president in '94 not '90.
Gerald at 03:46PM, Aug 27th 2011.
Andy Jack
A great man!
Andy Jack at 04:32PM, Jul 26th 2011.
good facts about good leader
ashfaqueshah at 03:13AM, Jun 3rd 2011.

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