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Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo meaning the fifth day of May is celebrated as equal to independence of the country. Though many people confuse it with the Mexican Independence Day but that is on September 16. Cinco de Mayo marks the anniversary of the famous battle, "Battle of Puebla" that was fought between the Mexicans and the French in 1862.

The anniversary of this battle is celebrated in the grand way because a small army of poorly equipped 4500 men were able to protect their country from a huge army of 6500 men. The victory helped Mexican develop the feeling of unity.

The United State observe this day as a holiday, helping to promote Mexican culture. The families go out with children to enjoy Mexican dishes, dance and music and Mexican art forms and buy Mexican products at markets called "Mercado".

Los Angeles, California holds the biggest Cinco de Mayo event where almost 600,000 people celebrate the day with Mexican food and music. This is called Festival de Fiesta, Broadway. Two other places away from Mexico enjoy this festival; Denver, Colorado and St. Paul's, Minnesota.

The same festival in Arizona is known for Chihuahuas, here parade and races form the part of celebration and a king and a queen of Chihuahuas are crowned.

The Americans celebrate this fiesta with high zeal because it was the last foreign invasion on North American soil. Thus this is the special day to celebrate pride, independence and freedom.

If you want to be the part of this celebration, you just have to invite friends, prepare Mexican dishes like burritos and salsa, add few decorations, mix some margaritas and enjoy Cinco de Mayo.

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I have been very pleasure about this post which consisting of many aspects of celebrating day of independence.
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rogersmith5667 at 07:27AM, Feb 29th 2012.
Francisco Sandoval
Cesar is right:

In Mexico is not even a stat holiday. It is not celebrated at all. It baffles me that Americans and Canadians even know that it exists.
Francisco Sandoval at 11:59PM, Oct 18th 2011.
cinco de mayo is my birthday!!!!!
ken at 01:54AM, Sep 17th 2011.
Admin comment

Thanks Cesar we removed that paragraph. Enjoy your weekend :)
Toma at 12:42PM, Dec 12th 2010.
Cesar Olvera
you are wrong on some things, first of all Cinco De Mayo is not celebrated as the Mexican Independence day in Mexico. Mexicans in Mexico do not celebrate at all Cinco de Mayo, Puebla which by the way is not the capital of Mexico, celebrates the date but not as big as you think!
Cesar Olvera at 09:48PM, Dec 11th 2010.
Ha koo tho its so true true my family does that to.
Gabby at 01:38PM, Nov 16th 2010.

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